Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actress Gets Some Career Ending News After She Insulted President Trump And The Hurricane Victims

Hollywood celebrities are becoming more and more uncivilized. Acting is their job and career, what else can we expect?

Hollywood highest-paid young actress, Jennifer Lawrence, proved to be another example of a misguided young star, with no grounding, blowing up her own career. She forgot that her fame and fortune come from the public buying her product.

We all remember when she Jennifer Lawrence trashed Christians and Christianity in an interview, now she said something that turned the rage of the American people against her!

She is now facing a huge backlash after appearing to suggest that the recent spate of deadly hurricanes to hit the US are ‘mother nature’s rage’ against President Donald Trump and his supporters.

According to The Daily Mail:

After Houston suffered the worst flooding in recent memory from Harvey and Miami prepares to face a direct hit from Irma, the outspoken actress, 27, seemed to lay the blame for the natural disasters firmly with voters who are skeptical about global warming.

‘It’s also scary to know, that climate change is due to human activity, and we continue to ignore it, and the only voice that we really have is through voting,’ said Lawrence, in an interview with the UK’s Channel 4 to promote her new movie, Mother!

The interviewer reminded the star that the US went to the polls just under a year ago and chose Trump, to which Lawrence answered, ‘And we voted and it was really startling’.

Then Lawrence insinuated that the deadly hurricanes were inflicted upon the USA because climate-change denying voters chose the billionaire tycoon.

‘You know you’re watching these hurricanes now, and it’s really hard especially while promoting this movie, not to feel mother nature’s rage and wrath,’ she stated.

The interviewer for Channel 4 presser her on Trump next, asking ‘Do you find President Trump confusing?’
‘I don’t find him confusing. I think I know exactly what he is,’ Lawrence said, smirking.

The reaction she received from the interview was harsh.

Lawrence is nothing but a narrow-minded bigot. To use this natural disaster and the dead of many to attack President Trump is just not human!

Besides, who does she think is the majority of people who go to see her films? Or used to go see her films…

We stop idolizing celebrities.

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Alex D.

Alex D.

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