Look At The Disgusting Police’ Banner Black Lives Matter Protesters Hold In St. Louis

President Donald Trump has accused the Black Lives Matter movement of “dividing America” amid renewed tensions surrounding police brutality and race relations while suggesting he identified with African Americans who felt as though the system was stacked against them.

It seems our President is right again!

The picture below will show why our President is right to label BLM as dangerous!

According to The Daily Caller:

A number of protesters associated with the Black Lives Matter movement were seen marching with a banner that reads, “F*** The Police” in St. Louis this weekend.

Protests broke out Friday and have continued all weekend. During the day, protests are generally peaceful, while at night, violence and rioting occur.

Protesters are angry about the acquittal of a white police officer in the shooting death of a black male in 2011. The officer was announced not guilty on Friday.

Since then, rioters have damaged businesses, attacked police, stomped on cars, and burned flags. Over 80 arrests were made Sunday.

Acting Police Commissioner Larry O’Toole told CNN, “Some criminals assaulted law enforcement officers and threw chemicals and rocks at them,” adding, “All of the officers’ injuries were minor or moderate. All will be returned to duty soon.”

BLM are bad people. They use intimidation and harassment to try and force their agenda and belief system on others. If they really cared about their so-called message, they would not be alienating the majority of the population.

I wonder what would happen if the police just stop responding to their neighborhoods and let them shoot each other?

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Alex D.

Alex D.

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