Best Beaches to Visit in Greece

Voidokilia Beach, Peloponnese

Voidokoilia Beach, Peloponnese

The beach looks like it has been magically transported here from the Caribbean or the South Seas: a golden crescent of sand lapped by azure waters and backed by the lagoon. Unfortunately, it can get quite crowded in the high summer and at weekends. Come here in the spring or autumn, however, and you will likely have this paradise to yourself.

Above the beach and below the castle can be seen the gaping hole of Nestor’s cave. An obvious path leads up to it through the dunes at the end of Voidokilia. It was supposedly used as a cattle pen by the wise old king.There is plenty of opportunity for diving in the area, both snorkelling, and full scuba.

Glyfada, Corfu


One of the most popular beaches of the island, Glyfada is located 16 km west of Corfu Town. It is awarded the Blue Flag for its crystal clear waters while the large surface of soft sand is surrounded by trees covered cliffs and imposing rocky formations. The beach offers a wide variety of beach facilities like sunbeds and umbrellas, water sports facilities, shops, and taverns. Glyfada attracts mostly young crowds and it is usually noisy. Glyfada is one of the best examples of the island’s sandy beaches.

Shipwreck Bay (Navagio) Beach, Zakynthos


 Who could have imagined that an old boat called Panayiotis would be the star of thousands of snapshots and videos that have pushed Zakynthos to fame the world over? The beach where it ran aground forms a magical setting with its sheer white cliffs, turquoise water, and white sand. You’ll be definitely tempted to dive right into its unbelievable clear water.

Platia Amos, Cephalonia

Platia Amos, Cephalonia

The Platia Ammos Beach is one of the few beaches in Kefalonia where one might not meet many people.

It’s a long sandy beach with common characteristics of Myrtos Beach. It is located in the peninsula of Paliki, shortly after the Monastery Kipouraion.

A few years ago, the access to the beach was only possible by boat. Nowadays, a road leads to the cliffs above the beach.
The only thing blocking your way are the 400 stairs down to the beach; which of course one has to climb again back.

Lalaria Beach, Skiathos


A beach famous for its round, white pebbles (where it got its name). It’s accessible only by boat, weather permitted, and it doesn’t offer any shade or facilities. But the natural beauty is just stunning. On its right side, the cliffs are sculpted by the strong waves and the winds, creating a natural gate. It’s definitely worth a visit.
 Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos
super paradise

Super Paradise is one of the most famous beaches of Mykonos.

This golden sand beach is located within a small but deep bay surrounded by hills and has several bars on the beach famous for their night’s revelers .

If you come here in the morning, the bay will seem quiet and relaxed but as soon as the afternoon is going places the atmosphere will change and the beach becomes a disco!



There is little doubt that Egremni beach is one of the finest on the island of Lefkada, which by default makes it one of the best in Greece. It is a beautiful spot with the long white sand beach backed by high limestone cliffs. However, it is the water colour that sets Egremni apart, a fantastic milky blue yet crystal clear. The 325 steps down to the beach don’t seem to have put too many people off as this is a popular beach and the facilities are good. That said, it is a big enough beach that you can still find some peace towards the northern end if you so desire.

Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia


If you are looking for the most beautiful beach in all of Greece, and perhaps the world, you will need to take a trip to Myrtos Beach 8km south of Assos on the Ionian Island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea of Greece. Located in the north-west of Kefalonia, Myrtos Beach has been called “one of the most dramatic beaches in Greece” and has been voted the best Greek beach numerous times and always shows up on best beach lists in travel magazines. It lies between two mountains, Agia Dynati and Kalon Oros, and is one of the most photographed places in Greece.

Porto Katsiki 

porto katsiki

Porto Katsiki, the best-known beach, is today considered one of the most outstanding in the whole of Europe. This is a beach of exceptional beauty, famed the world over.

Located 9 km near the village of Athani, here you will find green-blue, crystal-clear and brilliantly clean waters, with white sand hidden beneath the steep cliffs, it is revealed to the visitor as he slowly descends the steps which bring him down to the beach.

This unique landscape is so spectacular that it will be inscribed forever in the memory of whoever visits this beach, whether he approaches it from the land or by boat from the sea.

Balos Beach, Crete


Balos beach is located in the farthest Northwestern corner of Crete off of the Gramvousa peninsula.

It is notoriously hard to access by car although there is a road available (actually, this will only take you part of the way: you will have to park and walk about an hour the rest of the way along a small path.) Alternatively, the beach can be reached by boat (in the city of Kissamos is is possible to take a day cruise for just such an occasion. )

This beach offers little in the way of accommodations with a small tavern on the right edge being the only amenity available. There is, on the left side of the beach, a small house with a path behind it that leads to an abandoned church that is generally open to site-seers.

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