Woman Attacked by Thugs while riding Blue Line

This is exactly why the black community gets a bad name and find it hard to overcome this stereotype, they just prove to us every time that the stereotype is true… I’m not saying all blacks are this way, I know a lot of hard working and contributing black members of society, and they are great people, but 60-70% them being this way makes it very hard to break out of their stereotype.

19-year-old DePaul student Jessica Hughes was on her way home to Berwyn from a morning class and says after a large group of people got off the train at the UIC Halstead stop, a man moved to the seat in front of her, turned around and attacked.

Watch the video below!

“He grabs me, pushes me to the floor and starts beating on my head repeatedly,” Jessica said.

The man wanted Jessica’s phone. It was in her pocket. A woman who was with the attacker jumped in and punched Jessica in the nose, breaking it. All the while, two male passengers stood by and watched.

“He kept beating on me. I’m yelling help to the other people and no one came “

The suspects did not get Jessica’s phone. They ran off the train. The attackers were captured on surveillance video.

“I’m just hoping everything they need is on that video,” Jessica said. “And they’re able to get those people that did this to me.”She described the attacker as an African-American man in his mid-20’s. She says he had facial hair, was wearing a blue Ralph Lauren polo hat, a gray hoodie and baggy pants that were sagging below his waist.

She says the woman, also African American in her mid-20’s was extremely thin, with long black hair. Chicago police are investigating but had not interviewed Jessica yet when WGN News spoke with her earlier this afternoon.

Black lives matters? Humanity matters!! Anyone who doesn’t help others has no Humanity in their hearts. Watching a defenseless individual getting attack regardless of race, age or gender is a crime in itself. Put her in your shoes. If it was the other way around she would have help regardless.

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Alex D.

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2 thoughts on “Woman Attacked by Thugs while riding Blue Line

  • April 28, 2017 at 8:38 am

    Skank ghetto pieces of shit.

  • May 9, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    The 2 men that just watched, were they in on it? Why wouldn’t they help? Was it a black/white thing and they weren’t going to get involved because they were black? It just goes to show you that you need a frickin gun, no matter who you are and when one of these thugs tries to hurt or steal from you, unload it. I’m sure the 2 bystanders would move then, if nothing else to protect their cowardly butts.


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