Breaking: WikiLeaks Drops Bombshell… Leaked Obama Memo Proves Trump Was Right

A leaked internal memo from Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign says that fencing at the US-Mexico border could help cut down on illegal immigration.

The memo, which was made public by anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks, is dated September 7, 2008 and contains a list of immigration promises and proposals.

One of Obama’s “core goals,” according to the memo: “Preserve the integrity of our borders to reduce illegal immigration.”

“Securing our borders will not solve the illegal immigration problem in isolation, but combined with an earned path to citizenship for the undocumented and new legal alternatives to unauthorized entry, some additional fencing could help get the border under control.”

A section titled “Fencing,” says Obama “Supports physical fencing along border under very specific circumstances, where it makes sense as a matter of security and to act as a deterrent to unsafe undocumented entry.”

“Additional fencing on the border is not a comprehensive solution, but it sometimes helps deter people from taking the risk of entering illegally,” the memo states.

The memo also says that Obama “Believes fencing should be built where necessary and agreed to in coordination with local governments, Indian tribes and done in an environmentally sensitive manner.”

Obama, according the memo, “Supports additional personnel, infrastructure, and technology on the border and at our ports of entry.” Additionally, Obama “Believes we need additional Customs and Border Protection agents with better technology and real-time intelligence.”

The Obama years have not quite played out the way his campaign imagined they would in 2008.

Backlog in immigration courts has more than doubled since Obama took office, as his administration has struggled to deal with a wave of illegal immigrants coming over the southern border.

Border patrol agents, meanwhile, have fumed at the president’s immigration policies.

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Alex D.

Alex D.

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One thought on “Breaking: WikiLeaks Drops Bombshell… Leaked Obama Memo Proves Trump Was Right

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    August 1, 2017 at 1:30 am

    Obama was hypocrite with campaign promises 2008 secure borders from illegals and fencing to keep out!! He lured millions and set up over 450 sanctuary cities for them in US, ICE found least half violent felons …worse getting billions fed funding n $182 million per year social sec never earned, setting up arms stashes like Islamberg in NYC.. Wanted top terrorist there with mega arsenal like sanct cities ones .. He musta laughed after didn’t swear uphold nor protect constitution in inauguration but went into secret room.. He was raised thru schooling in largestusl country world, Indonesia by Communist dad n mom.. He Also released irans 21 nuke network team, sprang from prison, terrorists buying uranium, tech, ICBM missles with HBomb tips, super arms stash and returned $10 million illegal arms money plus had Hillary give bonus $290 million to Iran plus other former billions and now Khomeini threatens us n Israel with nukes, Obama lied said ” no terrorists just business” and arming enemy is high treason.. Trump also had to grab back the $221 million tax dollars O gave PLO n they didn’t buy food nor water pipe repairs, blamed Israel n trying to buy more Gaza tunnel rockets, tanks, arms!! O did it In last 4 hrs last day ( On trumps inaug day n Obama was grinning evil, found out why!!) trumps not surprised, neither are most American patriots


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