WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton’s Rothschild Sweetheart Deal Exposed

WikiLeaks emails prove Clinton’s foreign policy will be dictated by George Soros and her economic policy by the Rothschild family! Everybody knows Hillary Clinton is the Wall St. candidate. Leaked speech transcripts exposed her stroking the financial fat cats, telling them what they wanted to hear, and assuring them that she would give them what they want.

But the truth is that Hillary is owned by an even more powerful elite.

The latest WikiLeaks dump exposes Hillary Clinton as the Rothschild’s candidate.

In August we exposed the unthinkable: notorious globalist billionaire George Soros had been caught dictating foreign policy to Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State.

And now it just gets worse – WikiLeaks emails reveal the Rothschild family issuing Hillary with economic directives.

The Rothschild family are the most powerful dynasty in the world by far, and have been ever since Mayer Amschel Rothschild founded their first banking business in the 1760s in Germany.

Since then they have amassed a vast worldwide empire and not only control most of the world’s central banks, but also most of the major news agencies, newspapers and TV networks in the US.

Lending credence to the saying that presidents are selected not elected, WikiLeaks emails prove that Hillary was selected by the Rothschilds even before she gained the Democratic Party nomination.

Shadow government 

Take a look at email ID 8597 from the Podesta emails:


Lady de Rothschild, who met her husband Evelyn de Rothschild at the Bilderberg conference in 1998, has no official ties to the US administration whatsoever, but is exposed issuing firm advice to Hillary Clinton and her team about future economic policy.

It sounds cozy – unusually so for the usually hard nosed Hillary – and suggests this is normal procedure.


And it’s not the first time the Lady’s dubious dealings with Hillary Clinton have been bought to the surface.

In July this year Clinton’s close friendship with Lady de Rothschild was revealed by WikiLeaks, leading many to believe Clinton had chosen to side with the global shadow government, and they in turn have invested in her heavily. They selected her as the next president years ago, and it’s totally in their interest that she is elected in November.

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