WATCH: Melania Trump Brutally Mocked On Live TV Last Night As The Entire Nation Watched In Disgust (VIDEO)

Liberals, especially young liberals are a ridiculous lot. Whiny, Full of complaints, arrogant but above all liberals are hypocrites. Taken as a whole not a pretty picture. Sadly, liberals are the last people on this planet who can laugh at themselves.

First Lady Melania Trump has become the center of a bizarre Twitter storm after people became convinced that a body double was being used to “play” her during TV appearances.

Jimmy Fallon had his own version of “the real Melania” on his program on Monday’s The Tonight Show. Watch the video below!

According to E News:

Fallon managed to score an interview with the mystery woman, who insisted she is the real Melania. So, the late-night host put her to the test with three simple questions she should have been able to answer.

What is the name of the city where you were born? “Did you say Slovakia?”

Where in the White House is the first lady’s office? “It’s in the attic!”

As the first lady, what have you said are your three main goals? “Bullying—stop it. Sugar—keep eating it. Make sure you remember friendship is real!”

Ugh… Jimmy used to be somewhat comical. This show has gone downhill in the last few years. Stupid is not funny. Lay off the sauce, the politics and get some new material. I feel I do more cringing than laughing so what’s the point in watching. Signing off for good…

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Alex D.

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