Watch! Defiant Migrants Throws Rocks And Bottles At The Police! The Boys In Blue Gives Them An Epic Response! (video)

We can all agree that (mostly Muslim) immigrants goal all along is a total destruction of western culture and dignity. That’s why the US and some of the western countries needs to use some policies very soon because it has gotten out of hand.

Since Trump signed the travel ban, the liberal media strictly criticized Trump’s decision. Illegal immigrants were described by them as innocent people who never cause violence.

But with every passing day, illegal immigrants show us that President Trump is right!

Today in Rome the police clashed with stone-throwing migrants at a makeshift camp where they were protesting their eviction from a building they have occupied for years. MSF says 13 people were injured in “indiscriminate use of violence.”

Scuffles broke out in central Rome early Thursday, as officers tried to squeeze out around a hundred refugees from Independence Square, which they have occupied since the weekend. Police in riot gear deployed water cannon against the migrants, who used pepper spray and threw stones and bottles at the officers, La Reppublica reports. Two people were arrested, according to Reuters.

Police, citing the risk that some refugees had gas cylinders and flammable liquids, say force was used in order to remove them from the square, which they refused to do. Protesters have camped inside an office building for the past five years, and have defied an eviction order since last week. According to Italian media, the refugees refused to accept the housing proposed by the municipality yesterday.

Witnesses who arrived at the square after the clearance operation described a scene of carnage.

“When I arrived at about 9 am trash was scattered all over. About 50 people were still in the square, which had been partially closed down to traffic in the meantime. They were sad, frustrated and with no idea where to go,” said Francesco Conte, founder of TerminiTv, an online channel based in Rome’s Termini train station.

Liberals don’t care they are damaging this country when they refuse to enforce the law and stop allowing immigrants into this country. They are selling out our country for their own personal gain! Unlimited Illegal immigrants are wanted for two reasons, the Democratic vote, and money involved.

Just look what happened in Europe!
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