WATCH – Black Trump Fans Protest Hillary Event in Florida – What Happens Next, WOW!

If what happened at this event is even a hint how well Hillary will do in Florida, she might as well write Florida off like everyone believes she has already done with Ohio.The grand opening of a new campaign office in Hollywood, Florida was a big enough deal Hillary was allegedly supposed to show up and cut the ribbon, but there were more Trump supporters protesting the office than there were Hillary supporters, so Hillary just blew off the event!


Whether Hillary showing up was a rumor or actually supposed to happen we don’t know, but we do know her support in Florida is waning more and more every day.

The New York Times recently reported her support in the state with young people, whites, and Hispanics is far lower than the numbers Obama garnered in his presidential victories.

The liberal paper says Hillary does not need this state, but we beg to differ.

Florida represents 29 electoral votes, which is more than 10 percent of those needed to take the election.

In 9 out 10 of the last presidential election, this state has sent its electoral votes to the eventual winner, with the one exception being in 1992, when the state went red but Clinton ousted Bush from office.

The situation in 2016 is hardly the same as it was in 1992.

During that time, you had a Republican president that had lost the confidence of hardcore conservatives for several reasons.

The two most glaring were the Immigration Act of 1990 and legislation that put a temporary ban on some semi-automatic weapons.

That was enough for many to either stay home or cast a vote for Clinton out of sheer anger.

In 2016, we have a Democrat president and presidential candidate that are trying to change the United States into a socialist country, increase immigration, and take our weapons.

On second thought, 2016 is virtually identical to 1992, except the things that got the Republicans booted out of office are now on the Democrat ticket.

This little flop of an opening in Florida will be played down as no big deal, but make no mistake about it, her lack of support in Florida likely means she will never get close to walking into the White House again.

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Alex D.

Alex D.

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