WATCH – Alarming Hillary Health Video Surfaces, Immediately She Does THIS

I think we have finally figured out why Hillary Clinton HATES subjecting herself to the masses! Sure, it is partly because she is a typical liberal elitist, but that doesn’t appear to be the only reason. When the career politician is forced to rub elbows with the public, her every move can potentially be captured by voters wielding a cell phone—as with this new video.


Hillary Clinton was recorded on Monday as she attempted to inspire millennials into her camp at Temple University (only 300 students showed up), and the video appears to reveal the Democrat having significant issues with her eyes, which seem to frequently go “cross-eyed,” with her pupils constantly moving in opposite directions.

Could Hillary Clinton have Parkinson’s disease as has been long alleged?

According to symptoms listed by the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, such a scenario is definitely plausible.

Parkinson’s patients often reportedly suffer from “double vision, eye strain, may need to blink in order to change eye position,” and experience “excessive blinking and eyelid spasms.”

 Watch the video again once you are armed with the disease’s symptoms, and pay close attention to Hillary’s rapid blinking and disconnected eye movements.

Hillary Clinton was supposed to appear at an event in North Carolina on Tuesday,  but she cancelled at the last minute without offering any explanation for her absence.

Donald Trump now boasts a slight lead in the key battleground state.

The Hillary event, like the vast majority on her campaign schedule, was a fundraiser—an upscale fundraiser, of course.

The long scheduled “Lunch with Hillary Rodham Clinton” reportedly had four donation levels for attendees to choose from—none of which a working class supporter could afford.

For $100,000, a voter could get a “chair reception with Hillary.”

If you had a spare $33,000 laying around, you could have a “host reception with Hillary.”

It would cost you $5,000 to get “preferred seating” and huddle near the career politician at the mysteriously cancelled luncheon—general seating carried a price tag of $2,700.

The Clintons love to rake in the money for private speeches and at high-brow fundraisers. It is more than a little odd for Hillary to walk away from a significant amount of money and the chance to increase her poll numbers in a state where she is now losing to Donald Trump.

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Alex D.

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