Viral Video: Black Man With A Gun Attempts A Carjack – Receive Instant Karma

Carjacking is a dangerous proposition … just ask this man who got trampled by an angry driver, and it’s all on video.

The attempted carjacking went down last year but started trending this morning because the video was released for public use yesterday. In the video you see a black man trying to stop a car by standing in the middle of the road as he pulls out a gun.

The would-be carjacker receives instant karma as the driver of the car hits the gas and sent him flying down the street.

The moment of impact did some heavy damage to the man, as two people come to his aid immediately, and people allege that they also wanted to aid the robber. The car driver must’ve been seriously angry or scared?

Ya gotta see the video … it’s better than anything you’ve done in GTA.

The video was allegedly filmed in Florida.

Video below:

Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes. Karma at its finest.

This is an act of self-defense from the driver. The man entered the street with a gun with the intent to rob the driver of their vehicle, the driver could’ve been scared for their lives and decided to act in self-defense to that individual’s hostile intentions.

Note that there were three of them, two on the opposite side and then the action man who is as much a distraction from the other two as the point of the spear. This is consistent, usually, carjackings are a team of two to three.

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Bruce Hoenshell

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