Video: The Left Wing Media “Reveal” Why Trump Had Those Mysterious Red Marks’ On His Hand And Wow

Donald Trump is making headlines again after his recent appearance amid the $10 million defamation trial. However, this time around, netizens are more interested in red spots on the former US president’s hands. As Trump waved to his supporters on Wednesday morning, “mysterious red cuts” were visible on his palm and fingers, per DailyMail. The pictures of Trump’s “red hands” took the internet by storm, sparking wild conspiracy theories online.

It could be red marker or blisters from playing golf, but miserable leftists like James Carville immediately claimed Trump has syphilis.

“They look like syphilis,” James Carville said of the red marks on Trump’s hands.

Carville claimed he asked several doctors (who never examined Trump) what the red marks could be and the answer was “immediate: secondary syphilis.”

The left-wing media freaked out over red marks on President Trump’s right hand.

MSNBC suggests that marks on Trump’s hands came from when he smacked the table in the E. Jean Carroll case yesterday.

The far-left news network launched the theory that Trump was like a “toddler having a tantrum perhaps & causing bleeding to his hand.”

“There was a point in time during the day where Trump very frustrated with Judge Kaplan banged his hands down on the table.”

Video below:

Trump Derangement Syndrome lives on.

“We asked a dermatologist about the mystery marks on Trump’s hands. Here’s what he said.” Business Insider said.

The dermatologist told Business Insider of the four likely possibilities: Trump’s hands are too dry, blisters from playing golf, he got lime juice on his hands, or a rash/bug bites.

George Rowe

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5 months ago

I think the red magic marker blew up in his hand assuming he is right handed.

5 months ago

They Despit!

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