Video: Something Weird Is Going On With Pfizer CEO’s Neck Again – He Acts Like A Frog

It’s been almost two years since Pfizer and European drug company BioNTech said early data suggests the vaccine could be more than 90% effective.

It was big news to kick off the week and it led to an immediate 15% surge in the company’s share price

And yet, that same day, Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla filed to sell millions of dollars of his company’s stock, coincidentally profiting from this historic announcement.

Indeed, Bourla sold 132,508 Pfizer shares at a price of $41.94, raking in $5.6 million. And another Pfizer insider, Executive Vice President Sally Susman, sold 43,662 shares at the same $41.94 price that Bourla sold at, netting more than $1.8 million.

Both said these sales were part of a pre-arranged plan.

But we’ve heard that story before…

Earlier this year, drugmaker Moderna secured $2.5 billion from the government as part of Operation Warp Speed. And when the company announced positive early data from a vaccine trial in May, Moderna stock surged 63% from $48 to $80 per share practically overnight.

The CEO of every major company are just greedy people.

But since then Pfizer’s CEO has been a target pf various conspiracies.

If you want to see what’s next, take a look at the video below. Also, have you noticed what was happening with the neck of the CEO???

It is really strange the thing that happens with his neck. His neck reminds people of a frog!

He’s been seen on multiple videos and below we have the latest.
Video below:

These conspiracies involving Pfizer’s CEO’s neck have been around for almost a year including the latest incident and no one really explains them on medical terms.

We did a little research and the only medical explanation that we can give is that he has lateral pharyngeal wall herniation.

It’s basically a kind of hernia — but located in your throat.

Katy Perry is said to have one and she may have gotten that from improper singing techniques …

This happens occasionally to brass instrument players.

The symptoms however suggest that it would be hard to speak or breathe with this medical condition and is not as visible as the one seen in the video above.

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3 months ago

I hope he gets gigged.

me you
me you
3 months ago

One problem with your B.S. “Theory” about frog man! How convenient the “lizard man” has his collar open FULLY, and placing his “secret” on FULL DISPLAY for the world to see! I’m torn between whether this is a single person or a few bored people learning to edit videos? Or is it something bigger, TESTING to see how many retards fall for cheesy, blatantly fabricated video editing!

Last edited 3 months ago by me you
3 months ago

The dude is quite obviously an alien from the planet Frogulous.

3 months ago

A visible manifestation of the demonic entities inside this man… you can’t kill millions with a straight face and not be possessed.

3 months ago

It looks like a goiter!

John Caruso
John Caruso
3 months ago

He’s reptilian which explains a lot.

3 months ago

Throat reflex caused by lying.

1 month ago

That looks like a goiter problem!!

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