Video: Is This A Mouse On The Outside Of A SpaceX Rocket In Space Or Is This Another Witch Hunt Against Elon Musk?

We took a close look at a controversial video, which does show some small object moving randomly around the rocket thrusters approximately four minutes after takeoff. Many across social media platforms re-posted the video of that portion of the rocket take-off saying that a mouse had somehow hitched a ride into space.

Video below:

In mid-2020, Space X Falcon 9 rocket was launched by NASA, and the importance of the Falcon Nine is that it’s the first commercial rocket ever to launch humans to orbit and is currently the only vehicle capable of doing so. Even now, various parties are talking about the launching of this rocket. However, some social media posts about this are misleading the viewers. Below is our investigation of such misleading videos.

From the Invid – We Verify technique, we found an original video related to this incident in 2020. It`s a lively broadcast by C- SPAN Network, and the video is available on YouTube. The duration of the video is more than 4 hours. In one instance of the video, at 4 hours, 13 minutes, and 5 seconds, we can see some objects moving here and there on the rocket’s outside surface.

The related point of the video can be watched below.

Can a Mouse Survive Outside of the Rocket?

It isn’t peculiar. At the time of launch that the movement is shown, the Falcon 9 rocket is going over 1500 mph, according to NASA. The astronauts, at that point, are feeling over 2gs of pulling Earth. The astronauts can survive this force because they are on the rocket, strapped in, and wearing a protective G-suit to prevent them from losing consciousness. These details can be taken from hearing the live commentary of the video.

Meanwhile, Mechanical Engineer Brook Davenport told Misbar that “What was seen on the video was most likely condensation forming from a super cold liquid near a scorching engine. The surface tension of the liquid probably helped it form into a ball shape and then look like a mouse.” The related article can be read here. Archived

What is the Moving Object in the Original Video, then?

There are many explanations for it. However, no single exact reason has been found so far. According to some researchers, it was merely crystallised waste from the rocket engine and evaporated shortly after its appearance. More details about it can be read here. Archived.

But, some explanations say it`s a solid oxygen and say also that the speed of the original video was accelerated when the viral social media video was created while zooming in the original video.

We think this is another witch hunt against Elon Musk.

George Rowe

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6 months ago

No mouse or other animal is going to be able to move with 1500 mph winds on it, it’d be shredded. AT that altitude it’s blood would be boiled off at body temperature anyways, it’d been long dead.

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