Tulsi Gabbard Explains Her Bill To Stop The Government From Funding Terror Groups Who Are Enemies Of US

Congresswoman, one of the first Democrats to meet with President-elect Trump, explains her bill to stop the government from directly or indirectly arming, funding terror groups who are enemies of US but would help overthrow the Syrian government!

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Goes Rogue On Tucker Carlson’s Show! She finally had enough of Obama and just exposed him on life TV! United States need to stop funding and arming terror groups al-Qaeda and ISIS.

“If you or I gave money, weapons or support to al-Qaeda or ISIS, we would be thrown in jail,” Gabbard tweeted on Saturday.

Most importantly, however, is her introduction of the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act,” which she presented last Thursday.

In her presentation of the bill, Gabbard cited prominent publications such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal to show that the rebels the U.S. is supporting in Syria are aligned with al-Nusra (which is essentially al-Qaeda in Syria).

She is co-sponsoring the bill with Rep. Thomas Massie, who says the bill “would prohibit the U.S. government from using American taxpayer dollars to provide funding, weapons, training, and intelligence support to terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS, or to countries who are providing direct or indirect support to those same groups.”

Gabbard went on Tucker Carlson about Obama and ISIS and she confirmed America’s worst nightmare!

Gabbard went on to describe her new bill that will stop Obama traitors policies. The bill is brilliantly named the “Stop Funding Terrorists Act.”

Seems guaranteed to pass – who could possibly justify voting against it to their constituents?

Having this on the books would be a useful tool to stop any further terror-funding operations. Something to watch.( video bellow)


Rare Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Goes Rogue On Tucker Carlson’s Show! She finally had ENOUGH of Obama and just EXPOSED him on life TV! United States need to stop funding and arming terror groups al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Posted by Trey Gowdy, Liberals’ Worst Nightmare on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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Alex D.

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jack schnable
jack schnable
7 years ago

I do not understand why we need to pass a law for a common, nonsensical issue. It is like passing these stupid laws banning sharia law being practiced within the US borders. The law of the US is the Constitution, period. Banning sharia is like saying don’t kill someone because it is against the law. sharia is against the rule of law in the US so there is no debating this matter.

7 years ago

Most Democratic elected officials can’t understand common sense. Liberalism has blinded them as much as corporate greed. So easy spelt titles may help them better (possibly) do thier jobs, and look out for Americans and not groups of people who sponge off tax payers, while waiting to kill us. 1 by 1

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