Tucker Carlson: NBC The Real Meddler In Election, Not Russia

The liberal bias and continued attack against President Trump are so obvious the majority of Americans laugh and ignore these news media outlets. Still, something has to be done we have to fight these fake news media! Which is the reason why we are reporting what Tucker Carlson did to NBC, he totally destroyed them!

I’m sure you remember the now infamous leak of the ‘grab em by the pussy’ tape that was released by NBC at the exact time they thought it would do the most damage to Trump and his campaign.

Now Tucker is accusing the top brass at NBC of being in on the leak and the attempt to derail Trump and his populist movement.

Tucker Carlson: Now keep in mind that the Access Hollywood tape had been sitting in an archive after it was shot several years before. NBC executives had know about it’s existence for several months before it aired… The network sat on it. But as November approached the temptation to shut down the Trump campaign became too much. And so NBC rose to the defense of Hillary Clinton and leaked that tape. And then they lied about it.

Now if your a news organization and somebody stole the story of the year out of your office, wouldn’t you want to know how that happened? You think you would. And yet as far as we can tell NBC never conducted a meaningful investigation on how that tape wound up at the Washington Post. That’s because they already knew the identity of the leaker. It was them!

Tucker deserves an award, It should be called the “Tucker Award 2017” for real Journalism!

I guess NBC don’t know about Hillary’s dealings with Russia. They seem to have forgotten all of that!!!
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Alex D.

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3 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson: NBC The Real Meddler In Election, Not Russia

  • May 27, 2017 at 7:22 pm

    I love it when their stupidity is revealed for all too see. Thank you Tucker!

  • May 29, 2017 at 4:23 pm

    A’hhh — okay — now, all those surprised by this information, please stand up — oh, yes, we can’t see you — all right, all those surprised by this information please post so we will recognize you every time you present another ‘fact’ we should be believing — or, maybe is it a tad late to do that now? H’mmmm – gotta wonder.

  • May 30, 2017 at 12:45 am

    You need to get a copy editor. E.g., “its” is the possessive form of “it;” “you’re” is the conjunction of “you are.” Being ungrammatical makes you look as stupid as those you wish to expose.


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