Trump Stuns GOP With Hugely Unexpected Change to Republican Platform

One of the most common lines of attack used against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump during the Republican primary was that Trump wasn’t a real conservative and was going to change the Republican Party if nominated.While that certainly is still a possibility, it is looking increasingly unlikely, as the Republican Party just passed what is being called the “most conservative platform” in GOP history.

“The influence of Trump is apparent, particularly on his signature issues of immigration reform and trade policy,” the U.K. Guardian reported. The platform specifically called for building Trump’s border wall, rescinding President Barack Obama’s constitutional executive action on amnesty for illegal immigrants, enforcing U.S. immigration law, and implementing an “America first” international trade policy.

Breitbart added that the platform defined marriage as between a man and a woman, condemned the Supreme Court (repeatedly) for ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, and strongly opposed abortion.

“We believe that our nation is most secure when the president and the administration prioritize readiness, recruitment, and retention, rather than using the military to advance a social or political agendas. Military readiness must not be sacrificed on the altar of politically correct social agendas, which this administration has done,” read the section of the platform on national defense.

The platform touched upon many key issues near and dear to conservatives and Republicans, like respecting American’s police officers.

“The media’s crowing of the death of Reagan Republicanism has proven premature. The Republican Party in 2016 has shown that it still holds to the timeless truths of constitutional fidelity that were the hallmark of Ronald Reagan, and that conservatives of all stripes should enthusiastically mobilize to defeat Hillary Clinton in November,” explained Former Platform Committee Vice Chairman Ken Blackwell.

The platform was approved Monday by the same convention delegates who were slated to approve Donald Trump’s nomination Thursday after a final effort by “Never Trump” protesters was blocked.

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Alex D.

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