Trump Signed Legislation Gives States Right To Defund Planned Parenthood

President Trump dropped bombs on Isis and planned parenthood all in one day. Today is a good day.

President Trump knows exactly what he is doing. On Thursday, He signed legislation allowing states to withhold federal family planning dollars from clinics that provide abortion services, a move that effectively deprives Planned Parenthood and several other family groups of a significant source of funding.

This is the 12th time that Trump has signed a resolution under the 1996 Congressional Review Act (CRA) abolishing a rule issued under President Barack Obama. Less than two hours later on Thursday, Trump signed a 13th measure abolishing a Labor Department regulation aimed at expanding retirement savings accounts.

The bill was passed thanks to the Congressional Review Act, which allows lawmakers to toss regulations put in place during the last few months of Obama’s administration — by simply a majority vote.

While congressional Republicans have overturned several Obama-era rules with ease under the CRA – which allows lawmakers to nullify regulations within 60 legislative days of enactment as long as the president agrees – the elimination of the Health and Human Services regulation was more controversial. Vice President Pence had to cast the tiebreaking vote in the Senate on March 30 to send the bill to the president.

Even though Trump did not issue a statement, the White House announced that he had signed the bill. CMS spokeswoman Jane Norris said in an email: “President Trump is delivering on his promise to give states the flexibility that they need to make health care decisions that best meet their citizens’ unique needs.”

Jeanne Mancini, president of the March for Life, said: “Today we thank President Donald Trump for restoring states’ freedom to direct taxpayer dollars away from abortion providers in favor of supporting community health centers that deliver comprehensive women’s care and already outnumber abortion providers 20 to 1.”

There are many ways to accomplish the same goal and Trump seems to find them. Hurray for a creative President.

You go, Trump! The government should not fund murdering babies!

It’d be SO much easier if the President could just write an executive order repealing the whole failed Obama presidency.

H/T Chicago Tribune

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