Trump Just Got Off The Phone With Syria, 1 Call That Just Changed The Middle East

The battle against ISIS is raging fiercely in Syria. American efforts are critical to eradicating the brutal extremist group. President Obama’s nonsensical foreign policy has done little to stop the crisis. He’s halfheartedly fighting two battles, dividing American interests amongst warring sides. Everyone from Russia to America is pitted against ISIS. Syrian President Bashir al-Assad is also waging battle against multiple rebel groups intent on toppling him from power. Russia is standing behind al-Assad. The Obama administration, however, is providing weak support to those same rebel groups, while also participating in the fight against ISIS. Obama has led the US into fighting both sides of war.

Al-Assad’s first remarks about our President-elect indicate his pleasure with the election’s results. He called Donald Trump “a natural ally, together with the Russians, Iranians and many other countries” in the war against terrorism. He’s correct. American interests are aligned with Russia’s and Syria’s, the fact that the Obama administration has been ignoring.

Trump called current US policy in Syria “madness” on the campaign trail. Numerous times he has indicated that he would cease US aid to rebel groups and ally with Russia and Syria to destroy ISIS. Bashir al-Assad is not a threat to American lives. ISIS is. Trump prioritizes American lives.

Al-Assad has been vocal in his criticisms of Obama’s interference in Syria’s civil war, blaming American support of the rebels for prolonging the fight. The consequent destruction had cost hundreds of thousands of lives and spawned a mass exodus that has flooded Europe with refugees.

Al-Assad’s praise of Trump was understandably tempered with slight skepticism about America’s intentions.

“We do not have high expectations because the U.S. administration is not restricted to the president,” al-Assad said. “There are different powers within this administration, various ‘lobbies’ that will influence any president.” He suggested that opposition from mainstream media outlets cast doubt on whether Trump “can deliver on his promises.”

Syrian rebel groups, already distressed by the Obama administration’s fitful support, are preparing for the complete cessation of American aid. Many organizations are turning to Saudi Arabia and Turkey for further support. Their chances of successfully fighting a united Russia and Syria without the help of America is incredibly slim.

American lives should be paramount to the American president. By refusing to cooperate with Russia in the attack against ISIS, and by undermining Syrian and Russian efforts by arming the rebels, Obama put Americans at risk. ISIS is a constant and growing threat. His number one goal should not have been a misguided liberal idea of humanitarian justice, but the safety of all Americans.

“The U.S. is likely to drop its support for Syrian rebels decisively,” said Emile Hokayem, a scholar at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. “But much will depend on Trump’s relations with Putin and perception of the returns of such a change in approach.”

According to the Kremlin, Trump and Vladimir Putin have already spoken about improving relations.

Something decisive needs to happen. As the war drags on, casualties grow, and lives are destroyed. Obama’s indecisive actions in Syria have allowed the situation to spiral out of control. In the fiscal year 2016, the US admitted 38,901 Muslim refugees. 12,486 of these were from Syria.

Russia and Syria launched a new offensive against the rebels last Wednesday. The besieged city of Aleppo faced heavy bombardment and a high civilian death toll. The rebel-held enclave of Waer was attacked with rockets and mortars.

Al-Assad has long maintained that the rebel groups are terrorists only slightly less radical than ISIS. The Obama administration has instead viewed them sympathetically and supported their fight against their president.

There’re a few problems with this. First, it’s ineffective. Al-Assad is protected by his powerful ally Russia. A tangle with the Syrian president means a fight with Russia, something even Obama doesn’t want. So to avoid dangerously angering Russia, Obama offers meager support to the rebels. Less focus is placed on ISIS as Syrian, and Russian armies split their attention between two forces.

Obama is even failing to actually help the rebels. His inconsistent aid has not tipped the battle towards the rebels. It has merely helped them limp along slightly further than they otherwise would have.

President-elect Trump is inheriting a terrible challenge. The situation in Syria has grown so dire that prompt executive action is required. Trump will face critical decisions as soon he takes up the mantle of president.

America can not continue indulging the pretense that we are democracy’s defenders or the world’s justice police. We are not. It’s not the responsibility of Americans to judge al-Assad’s presidency. The rebels may have a worthy cause, or they may be little more than terrorists. The question doesn’t concern American interests. ISIS is a terrible threat that continues to plague us. ISIS must be destroyed at all costs, and our president must focus on this.

Trump has promised to do this. He has pledged to reorient American foreign policy so that we’re fighting for what matters.

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