Trump Drops MOAB On Biden, Demands RELEASE His Transcripts With China (Video)

The White House released a readout of Biden’s call with Xi Jinping and they tried to look tough.

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. spoke today with President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The conversation focused on Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. President Biden outlined the views of the United States and our Allies and partners on this crisis. President Biden detailed our efforts to prevent and then respond to the invasion, including by imposing costs on Russia. He described the implications and consequences if China provides material support to Russia as it conducts brutal attacks against Ukrainian cities and civilians. The President underscored his support for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis. The two leaders also agreed on the importance of maintaining open lines of communication, to manage the competition between our two countries. The President reiterated that U.S. policy on Taiwan has not changed, and emphasized

Jen Psaki was also “brave.”

U.S. President Joe Biden warned Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Friday of ‘consequences’ if Beijing gave material support to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the White House said, while both sides stressed the need for a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

While the White House did not detail what those consequences could be, or how the U.S. would define “material support”, press secretary Jen Psaki indicated China’s massive trade flows could be impacted.

“Sanctions are certainly one tool in the tool box,” Psaki told a regular news briefing when asked whether China, the world’s largest exporter, could face trade tariffs or sanctions.

Speaking after a nearly two-hour video call between Biden and Xi, Psaki said the United States would communicate any consequences directly to Beijing “with our European partners and counterparts.”
Transcripts were never released from the two-hour-long conversation!

The cruel reality is that Biden probably did nothing!

After President Biden ignored reporters confronting him with questions about his phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping the White House feed was cut and Biden’s face did tell us the truth!

Video below:

Trump today went even one step further and claimed that China was the one who probably threatened our country because of our useless Presdent!

(This post may contain disputed claims. We make no assertions as to the validity of the information presented by our Opinion Columnist. This is an opinion article, and this post should be treated as such. Enjoy.)

George Rowe

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Dr.Bobbi Anne White
Dr.Bobbi Anne White
2 years ago

Frankly, I believe that some of this “Let’s be tough on Putin and keep him from slaughtering People” is disinfo so that President Trump can keep from being called “soft on Putin. However, I’m sure that the conversation with Biden should be released, becuz Brandon is CCP puppet.

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