Poll: Sanders/Stein or Sanders/Johnson in November

If the two major parties announce their presidential nominees as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Sanders supporters are not likely to salute to the Democratic Party’s chosen leader. We’ve never had two presumptive candidates so roundly disliked by so many.With the fact that Bernie Sanders has at least 43% of the democrats and 70% of the independents which is the largest voting block in the history of America we might have a serious third party run.The American two-party system is being scrutinized and criticized more than ever during this election campaign, and many say the reason is Bernie Sanders. If the superdelegates don’t change their mind and Sanders doesn’t win the democratic nomination then Bernie still has some options available to him through The Green Party(Stein) and The Libertarian Party (Johnson).

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Libertarian Party (Johnson)

According to the some polls Gary Johnson holds a surprising 11 percent.Sanders supporters may be surprised to find that Gary Johnson, painted by our traditional “left v. right” national media narrative as being “too far right,” has a lot of policy positions that the anti-wall street, pro-legalization, and socially liberal “lefties” could agree with. All matters of practical electability aside, Johnson is much closer to Sanders when it comes to his positions on abortion, same-sex marriage, corporate subsidies, and immigration reform.Gary Johnson, like the long-time independent Sanders, is running on the ticket of a qualified political party because it is the only practical path to getting ballot access in all fifty states.Sanders/Johnson together  with Sanders huge support and Johnson 11% with the fact that they are similar in many ways could be a surprise in November!

Green Party(Stein)

Green Party likely nominee Dr. Jill Stein said she wanted Bernie Sanders supporters to “know that there’s a plan B here to continue to fight that revolution.”While overly presumptive Republican presidential candidates are rushing to announce potential vice presidential running mates, one presidential candidate is openly courting the idea of a bipartisan unity ticket.Well we know that on almost every big question Individual Rights,Ideology, Domestic Issues, Economic Issues,Defense and International Issues Sanders and Stein have similar view which is one more reason to believe that Sanders/Stein would team up for November. With reports showing that the largest progressive bloc can be created and join Sanders/Stein win could be on a horizon for them.We have recently created a poll “Can A Sanders/Stein Ticket Win A 3-Way Race”, 97% voters answered with yes to this question we believe that Bernie supporters would love this idea.

But with many Bernie Sanders supporters suggesting that Johnson/Sanders should try together in case Bernie doesn’t get the nomination and with another wave of supporters that would love to see Sanders/Stein then the real question is which option would be better for The Bernie Sanders Revolution to continue.Vote and share this survey for more realistic results!

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