A Technical Issue Made It Impossible For The National Anthem To Be Played During A Football College Game…What Happened Next Will Give You Chill Bumps!! (Video)

The hope for America’s success is our young. I believe we’ll be okay!

On October 7, right before the Trinity College football team face off against Hamilton College, an announcement was made that a technical issue with the sound system made it impossible for the national anthem to be played. But, this did not stop both teams to start belting out “The Star-Spangled Banner” — a gesture that was greeted with applause from fans and shock from the announcer.

“That was awesome,” Jake Donnelly said. “Not many tenors on either end of the field here this afternoon, but a bunch of players that absolutely love America and love the national anthem.”

He added that it was one of the “coolest” things he’s ever seen.

Trinity coach Jeff Devanney said the announcement did not sit well with his players.

“A couple of guys on our team were like ‘No man, you gotta play the song,'” Devanney said. “And then a couple guys just started singing.”

Ethan Suraci, a Trinity College senior who plays fullback, admitted to the Hartford Courant that not everyone singing was in sync, but still called it “truly amazing” to see everyone come together.

Suraci said: It was amazing, especially with what we’re seeing in the NFL, the political climate that not only the rest of our team joined in but Hamilton and all the fans joined in, too,” Suraci said. “It was truly amazing.”

Suraci added: “Even though people disagree with what’s going on politically these days — especially with kind of a wild card president and some wildcard policies but in general, I see it as a way to respect those who came before us, who allowed us the freedom to protest and fight for it every day. It’s something I hold true in my heart and I know a lot of guys on the team do, too.”

Now!!! That’s what America is all about! We should respect our flag and our National Anthem… these guys just put the Whole Damn NFL to shame with the singing of the National Anthem.

A whole lot of people could learn something from these young men. It proves once again what a great man the current American president is. He highlighted the importance of the flag and the anthem, and patriotism is back in people’s hearts with a vengeance.

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Natalie Washington

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