Steve Bannon Makes a Jaw-Dropping Prediction About Why Will Trump Never Finish His First Term

Very few Republicans are standing with Trump. The sad thing is some Republicans are no different than the Democrats in their agenda. Draining the swamp requires a change in the Republican party too.

Luckily, President Trump is perfectly capable of doing his job. He will not only finish but be reelected. We are smart enough to KNOW where the logjam is!

Via Vanity Fair: “Several months ago, according to two sources with knowledge of the conversation, former chief strategist Steve Bannon told Trump that the risk to his presidency wasn’t impeachment, but the 25th Amendment—the provision by which a majority of the Cabinet can vote to remove the president. When Bannon mentioned the 25th Amendment, Trump said, “What’s that?” According to a source, Bannon has told people he thinks Trump has only a 30 percent chance of making it the full term.”

A stipulation of the 25th Amendment allows the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet — that is, 13 of 24 Cabinet members — to vote the president out of office. Bannon reportedly considered it a more likely scenario than Trump’s impeachment.

That is quite disturbing. It is an overthrow, a coup. We won’t have a voice. Congress know they cannot control President Trump. There’s more than that to fear. If it works against Trump, they’ll try it against Pence, and it won’t stop there.

However, for me, it is difficult to imagine a majority of the Trump cabinet voting to remove the president! In this case, why would a cabinet selected by President Trump vote to remove him, and in the process maybe remove themselves?

Or is this another attempt by the establishment politicians to override the choice of the American people? If it happens, it will just be considered a coup by most Americans.

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Natalie D.

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