Confirmed By State Department Insider! Members Of The US Intelligence Community Helped Wikileaks To Expose Hillary Clinton

Every U.S. citizen that  love his country would to this but this brave man should be labeled as heroes! Especially that their opponent is Hillary Clinton  who as we all know is famous for killing her opponents without any problem! The reason why Comey wrote the letter is the US Intelligence Community is staging a Coup against the Clinton Corruption.The emails released by WikiLeaks were leaked by brave members of the US intelligence community in an effort to expose Hillary Clinton’s corruption and stop her being elected, according to State Department insider Steve Pieczenik.

The Clintons have initiated a “silent coup” in their bid for power, Pieczenik claims, explaining that the White House, judiciary, CIA, FBI, Loretta Lynch and James Comey have all been “co-opted” through political cronyism

In order to stop this coup we in the intelligence community have informally got together and with their permission I am starting to announce that we have initiated a counter-coup through Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

Assange already told us that his next leak will bring Hillary down Wikileaks enigmatically announced on Twitter that it would soon launch “phase three of [its] election coverage.”The secrets-sharing site put politicians on notice Sunday evening in a tweet that also included a plea for donations.“We transition to phrase [sic] three of our US election coverage next week. you can read the full article below the video!

Pieczenik claims might explain the unprecedented and mysterious actions by the FBI on Tuesday. The FBI Vault silently and unexpectedly made documents relating to the investigation into Hillary Clinton available to the public – documents that were not due to be declassified until 2041.


We can finally stop blaming Russians. Pieczenik states clearly that US intelligence – brave men and women in the FBI, CIA and wider intelligence community – submitted the emails to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in order to thwart “the second American revolution.”

This counter-coup is working against Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Their goal is a peaceful transition of power away from the corrupt Clintons. “Something had to be done to save the republic,” he explains.

Alex D.

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