Someone Please Get This Critical Message to the Trump Campaign! Before Tonight’s Debate!

To the point: the whole debate format and process has been rigged against Donald.  The first debate categorically demonstrated that the Democrats will cheat in every way possible to win.  They clearly feel that can cheat with impunity and care not who catches them in the act.  Remember all the obvious primary fraud used repeatedly against Bernie Sanders.(below you find a link that shows us why Hillary Disqualified From Being POTUS! Her Official Actions Bar Her From Holding Public Office! U.S. Code Is Clear and Forceful! )

The result of tonight’s debate has already been fixed by the mainstream media (MSM), no matter how well Donald performs.  The MSM also doesn’t even care anymore that they are viewed as the official propaganda arm of the Clinton campaign.  THEY DON’T CARE!

What to do?

Let Donald be The Donald as never before.  Please excuse the analogy, but he has been the perfect wrecking ball throughout the whole campaign season.  Even when he does things perfectly right he wrecks their thoroughly corrupt and cowardly system.  Donald knows intuitively that before you can construct a high-rise, you have to first demolish the old, dilapidated building that sits on the building site.

Our best recommendation:

Donald has only two debates left.  They stole the first one from him (read opportunity) and first impressions matter a LOT with the undecideds and youth vote.  Therefore, he must take complete control of this second debate by simply being himself.

Toward that end, Donald should act as though Hillary Clinton is not even there.  His responses should be directed ONLY toward two topics.

First, Donald should speak directly to how he will “Make America Great Again”.  In other words, how his policies and initiatives will rebuild the nation after 16 years of continual destruction from both parties.

Secondly, Donald should talk about how he will help the American people who are really suffering.  There are millions of us who no longer have a ‘real job’.  Nearly 100,000,000 who are eligible to work are literally classified as unemployed.  Hence, he would serve his candidacy quite well by telling the American people exactly how he will put them back to work.


That was Bill Clinton’s clarion call, and it worked for him—BIG TIME!  Except that he then went out and passed NAFTA, the biggest unspoken economic disaster in USA history … and hardly anybody really knows it.  Her husband blighted the American economy with the passage of NAFTA after reaping the immediate short-term rewards.

History Shows That NAFTA Is a Disaster

Who doesn’t know by now that the current Great Recession has actually been the Second Great Depression?  With no end in sight!

So, please, prep Donald on his plans to get us out of this mess.  Despite Obama’s deliberate negligence in plunging the country into such a deplorable economic state, he should stay on this point: What Donald will do to fix it.  Quickly!

Every response that he gives ought to answer the question: What will he do to alleviate the economic hardship and financial pain of the average citizen.

Do you folks get it yet?

Even though he handily won the first debate, it was actually an unmitigated disaster for him. Hopefully you folks learned a lot from that highly instructive train wreck?!

This whole debate structure has been built around her strengths and his weaknesses.  The DNC owns and operates the entire presidential debate franchise, so that even when you think you’ve won, they really have. Donald knows this well from his casino business: The house NEVER loses … even when they appear to.

Lastly, as a contingency plan, if Donald is absolutely forced into the position, he should have his wrecking ball handy.  The single best approach for him to take if he is knocked off balance is to expose the titled playing field … but he should only do this at the very end of the debate, after he has shared his GREAT vision with the electorate.

When the American people hear how completely rigged the whole process has been, they will get it.  Just a short diatribe at the end, with his famous wrecking ball in hand, as to how the Democrats only know how to win by fraud and deceit, could be a wise use of a very high platform that he will only have one more time. (See attachment below)

The people of this great nation do not like cheaters (the Clinton MO and DNC central organizing principle).  They especially do NOT like bullies.  And what they really love is the underdog who comes from behind and wins the day.  Especially an underdog who is at once fiercely patriotic, sincere to a fault and outrageously courageous.

Hillary Clinton has so much serious baggage, so many longstanding liabilities, so many critical medical conditions, and so many profound political problems that she and her tribe can only cheat to win this election.  As follows:  U.S. CODE: Hillary R. Clinton has disqualified herself from holding any public office in the United States

Let’s get busy!

Very sincerely,

Citizens For Fair Presidential Debates

P.S.  We see no reason why this same strategy would not work for the third debate as well.

Alex D.

Alex D is a conservative journalist, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. He brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. Exposing the truth is his ultimate goal, mixed with wit where it's appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn't be censored. Join him & let's spread the good word!

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