Shaq For Sheriff! Shaquille O’Neal Says He’s Running For Sheriff

Shaq has proved his mettle all along and is a leader as well as a shining star. A positive force and that’s just the kind that’s needed desperately now.

He has announced he’s planning to run for the role of sheriff in 2020.

It’s likely O’Neal, 45, – who has had previous experience in law enforcement – may run for the role in either Georgia or Florida.

The retired NBA star says he wants to run because he believes he can restore his community’s faith in the police force and ‘bring people together’.

‘This is not about politics, this is about bringing people closer together,’ he told an NBC affiliate.
‘You know, when I was coming up, people loved and respected the police, the deputies. And I want to be the one to bring that back, especially in the community I serve.’

However, Shaq isn’t exactly new to law enforcement. In fact, he’s been involved in this new career path since he retired from basketball:

Shaq has pursued a secondary career in law enforcement since retiring from the NBA in 2011. Most recently, he was sworn in as a deputy in the Atlanta suburbs last December.
With the name recognition and popularity he enjoys, it’s not hard to see Shaq running a winning campaign. After all, “Shaq for Sheriff” does have a bit of a ring to it.
Whether or not he goes through with the plan still remains to be seen. However, more and more people are indicating aspirations of serving their communities. Ultimately, that’s a positive trend.

Since retiring from the NBA, O’Neal remains one of the most successful professional athletes and serves as an analyst on Inside the NBA.

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