Rush Limbaugh: If Kathy Griffin Really Wanted to SHOCK People, Try Being Funny

Griffin posed for the shot during a photo session with photographer Tyler Shields, known for “edgy, shocking pics”.

Kathy Griffin’s photo holding up the “bloody” decapitated “head” of a Donald Trump dummy is receiving the attention of the Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.

Watch the video below!

Rush Limbaugh addressed the Kathy Griffin scandal during the Wednesday airing of his radio show, saying that the only thing more shocking than the comedienne’s attempt to make a bloodied, beheaded replica of President Donald Trump’s head “funny” would be an actual attempt on her part to be genuinely entertaining, from The Blaze.

“You know what she should do?” Limbaugh asked. “Try being funny. That would stun people. That would really shock them, that she could be funny.”

Calling Griffin a “tired, worn-out, dumb old woman,” Limbaugh launched into an excoriation of the actress/comedienne and said that her apology wasn’t genuine.

“That apology was not sincere,” he said. “She rolled her eyes when she made that apology, and she apologized to the usual, ‘If you’re offended, I’m so sorry, I went too far.’ She’s not apologized to Trump or any of that.”

Rush also addressed the mainstream media’s role in the “political assassination” of Trump and called how Trump is treated in comparison to former President Barack Obama “hypocrisy.”

“With Kathy Griffin and her decapitation of Trump stunt all over the Drive-By Media you hear people saying, ‘I don’t want to talk about it. Come on, come on, let’s move on. This is so outrageous, it’s not even worth talking about,’” Limbaugh said.

“Mika Brzezinski, soon to be Mika Brzezinski Scarborough, on Morning Jolt [sic], ‘I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to talk about it. There’s nothing to see,’” he noted. “Some woman named Molly Ball who writes for some left-wing publication inside the Beltway was on CNN. ‘What’s the big deal? It isn’t any big deal.’ Total, total hypocrisy.”

“This kind of stuff will permeate the American landscape,” he said. “The Kathy Griffin stunt and the beginning of the unraveling of this whole Russian collusion thing, because the media has made people believe this stuff.”

She is irrelevant. And in Hollywood, that is a death knell. It was all done for publicity because the media hounds salivate anytime a celebrity raises a middle finger. It boosts their flagging careers and earns them high fives.

The juvenile nature of the political Left finally hit rock bottom with Griffin’s tasteless stunt. Even they had to distance themselves from it. Which tells you how low it had to go to hit the bottom.

These “celebrities” who think they can say and do whatever they please and not have consequences, need to be made an example of!! Throw them all in jail!!

Agree with Rush!!

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Alex D.

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