Report! Leader of Charlottesville White Supremacist Protest True ID Revealed! This Could Change Everything!

It seems that the mainstream media can’t handle the truth, especially when it comes from President Trump!
Today he held a huge Press Conference today where he unloaded a huge secret about the Charlottesville violence.

Alex Jones claims that George Soros was behind the riots in Charlottesville and that we should expect more of the same in other cities!

Well’ it’s up to you to believe him but he has some facts that are undeniable!

But another report arrived that revealed the true ID of the leader of the white supremacist!

VIA Conservative Tribune:

Some internet sleuths who discovered that Kessler is — get this — a former liberal.

That’s right, the man who helped orchestrate the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, whom the liberal media has painted as the arch-typical fly-over-country conservative racist, has a stunning history of liberal positions.

As we researched this article in the newsroom, we joked that judging by Kessler’s Twitter feed, he seems to have been walking down the sidewalk when a falling geranium pot brained him, resulting in an alternate (we think fake) transformation from atheist liberal to supposed Trump fan.


he people over at Nation One News did some digging on Kessler, the man the media’s blaming for the death of Heather Hayer who was struck by James Field’s vehicle during the weekend’s events.

What Nation One, our friends at WND, and we ourselves found is nothing short of jaw-dropping. It’s going to be a ride… so strap in. Please note, however, that while we found and screencapped many of the tweets Nation One posted, we were not able to corroborate all of them. Given what remained, however, we suspect that the discrepancy is explained by Kessler’s sanitizing his Twitter feed, not Nation One manufacturing phony tweets. We cannot, however, be 100% certain of that.

First, let’s look at Kessler’s record on gun control, a perennial fetish of the liberal left.


But one that you won’t see is pro-Second Amendment, and if the right has a litmus issue, that’s it… even more so than abortion.

So Kessler was a gun hater. I wonder what he liked. Perhaps Barack Obama, the single most vilified (and rightly so) president by the right in American history?


He wants his followers to spend time over at, the rabid liberal website founded after George W. Bush defeated Al Gore.

OK, what about nuclear arms? A litmus test for the left.



And the coup de grâce — what appears to be a reference to Hitler supporting the troops. One caveat here. First, the link is now dead, so we don’t know for certain what was on the other side. It’s hard to imagine, however, that anything titled “Hitler_support_our_troops” is going to be pro-military. Also, please forgive the photo quality. Since it’s a popup URL, we had to photograph it to capture.


First, Jason Kessler, whatever he believes presently, is a product of the deluded, and sadly conventional, left. He lauds Palestinian causes, hates guns, trusts Iran, distrusts the U.S. military, compares Republicans to serial killers, and thinks nuclear weapons should be done away with. Folks, if we took all those planks out of the Democrat party’s platform, it would collapse. Jason Kessler is the left.

Second, the left spent plenty of time in 2016 sending union thugs and posers out to create violent encounters at Trump rallies. Is it so unbelievable that they’re continuing that tactic and upping the ante by mixing in Nazism to attack Trump? You tell me.


It’s not confirmed if you ask me but the guys at Conservative Tribune did a hell of a job exposing this spy!

He had only one job to obey the Democrats(Hillary Clinton, Obama and the rest) and to bring down our country by creating riots all over!

What do you think?

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H/T Conservative Tribune

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