President Trump Just Made A Phone Call To Texas Governor And Gave Him The Best News Of His Life

Texas is bracing for the powerful Category 3 hurricane to hit its southeast region late on Friday night, complete with winds up to 130mph and 30 inches of rainfall.

Good thing is that we have President Trump who takes care of his people!
He just rescued Texas. He called Greg Abbott and gave him an amazing gift.

President Trump made a phone call to Texas Governor and Lousiana Governor John Bel Edwards and promised to help in any way necessary with resources as Hurricane Harvey hits shores.

Trump is handling his first hurricane ahead of schedule.

President Trump spoke on the phone Thursday with the governors of Louisiana and Texas as the states prepare for Hurricane Harvey, which is expected to make landfall late Friday or early Saturday.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said in a statement released Thursday night that Trump promised his state any resources that it needs as it handles the storm and its aftermath.

“President Trump called Governor Abbott to offer federal support for the State of Texas as Hurricane Harvey approaches the Gulf Coast. The President pledged all available resources from the federal government to assist in the preparation, and rescue and recovery efforts,” the statement read.
“The Governor thanked the President for his pledge of support and assured him that the state is working hand-in-hand with local and federal partners on all issues related to the storm,” it added.

See people this is a President that’s looking out for the people of Texas and Louisiana getting ready for storm Disaster before it takes place. Thinking forward wow what a concept think before not after.

These natural disasters can become defining moments for the presidency, and Hurricane Harvey — which is set to be the first Category 3 hurricane to hit the US in 12 years — could be the first such moment for Trump, testing his administration’s ability to handle a major natural disaster.
The Trump administration has been preparing for months for what is forecast to be an especially active hurricane season, but Harvey is also gusting toward the US amid questions about vacancies in key administration posts — including the helm of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Thank you, President Trump, for reaching out to Texas and Louisiana as they prepare for Hurricane Harvey. One more example of his caring for the American people. Thoughts and prayers to those being affected by this dangerous storm! Thank God for President Trump!

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