Photos: ‘Ethics Expert’ Tries Framing Trump Supporters Pointing In The Air As Nazis And It Was An Epic Fail

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday spoke at a rally for Ohio Senate candidate JD Vance while a song played dramatically in the background, and his supporters raised their fingers in an unusual salute.
Left-wing watchdog Media Matters claim that the soundtrack appears to be a song previously released online with the title “Wwg1wga” — the QAnon slogan.
Liberal heads started immediately to explode.

Video below:

But like Rupar’s hate wasn’t enough, the ‘ethics expert’ Walter Shaub said that pointing in the air is like a Nazi salute.

More from the ‘ethic guy’

Pointing your finger in the air is not a Nazi salute, no matter how many times Walt here tries to claim it is.

The replies to his absurd claims are just hilarious:

This is an absolute clown world, just see the similarity below:

Ben Collins, a senior reporter who covers “extremism” for NBC News, said in a tweet that there is confusion in Trump forums as to why his followers raised their fingers at the rally and whether it was a gesture to the QAnon community.

“Some people think it’s for Where We Go 1 We Go All — the QAnon catchphrase,” he wrote. “Others think it’s to symbolize America First. Whatever it is, it’s deeply weird and I haven’t seen it before.”

Another photo caught by our reporter from the rally:

Yes, but for sure it’s not a Nazi salute and we can all expect the mainstream media to portray just that.

Natalie Washington

Natalie D. is an American conservative writer! Natalie has described herself as a polemicist who likes to "stir up the pot," and does not "pretend to be impartial or balanced, as broadcasters do," drawing criticism from the left, and sometimes from the right. As a passionate journalist, she works relentlessly to uncover the corruption happening in Washington.She is a "constitutional conservative".

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1 year ago

More lunatic leftist (yes, I repeat myself) whining which is their normal. This salute is not the Hitlergruß as given during the Third Reich. I think it America #1.

1 year ago

I’m sure the left would prefer something like this:

1 year ago

What the left purposely ignores is that the arm up with one finger pointed is a very standard sign used in churches in affirming a sermon or a hymn. It is seen as a form of affirmative agreement. Whereas the “fist” you often see on the upright arms of the left is very much a gesture of power and dominance! Once again the left tries to spin meanings by 180 degrees.

1 year ago

I saw many Facists pointing at the sky Sunday. They were playing a game with a not so round ball and when a lot of these players got that ball into what they called the “end zone” they would point to the sky like that.

Joel Long
Joel Long
1 year ago

Trump derangement syndrome must be a terrible ailment. Any and every conceivable motion, symbol, hand gesture, anything said or done around President Donald J Trump is distorted into some nefarious sign of evil. Meanwhile, actual actions and decisions Inacted by the biden regime is eroding the foundation of our very Republic.

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