Ohio State Official DEFENDS Terrorist… FB Post Will Make You Physically Ill

Ohio State University Assistant Director of Residence Life Stephanie Clemons Thompson allegedly posted a message to Facebook in which she urged followers not to share the post, but to have compassion for the radical Islamic terrorist, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, who went on a car and knife rampage on campus Monday.

A screenshot has made the rounds on the internet that appears to be from Clemons Thompson but, as The Daily Caller noted, they had not been able to independently verify the post.

If Clemons Thompson did, in fact, write the post, she was apparently aware that it would be inflammatory given her strong request for people not to share her absurd and offensive words.

The Daily Caller was able to obtain a screenshot of the alleged post as well.


The post urged people to “think of the pain he must have been in,” and wrote #BlackLivesMatter along with #SayHisName, a tag often used by Black Lives Matter members/supporters in reference to individuals they believe were killed unjustly by police officers, according to PJ Media.

According to Clemons Thompson, compassion was in order for the Somali refugee and radical Islamic terrorist who used a car and a knife to try and inflict as much harm on as many people as he could and was able to injure 11 people in the process.

The terrorist reportedly complained about the campus not having enough prayer rooms and that he didn’t feel comfortable enough to pray on campus openly, so he had to do so in a corner.

By Clemons Thompson’s logic, the Christians persecuted throughout the world — like in the terrorist’s homeland of Somalia — should be able to get away with all kinds of things for the real pain and suffering they have endured …

For this, Ohio State official to allegedly compare the rampage undertaken by a radical Islamic terrorist to the unsupported allegations by Black Lives Matter of police brutality is bizarre and sickening on many levels

As PJ Media noted, if it weren’t for Ohio State officer Alan Horujko and his quick action to take down the terrorist, the situation could have been much worse. As it is, 10 individuals were sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and another suffered injuries that put them in critical condition.

There really are no words for such a striking level of dangerous idiocy.

Did Artan act illogically — and savagely — in feeling scared to pray publicly for fear of backlash and then striking out in an act that was destined to create more backlash? Absolutely. Should we have some compassion for a man whose brain was so twisted that that seemed like a good idea to him? Probably.

But should we adopt the “SayHisName” hashtag that implies that Artan was unjustifiably gunned down by law enforcement? Absolutely not. That’s ridiculous, at the very least.

And Thompson — if this indeed her post — apparently knew it, since she clearly didn’t want her words shared with anyone who might have the common sense — and the common decency — to disagree with her.

Or maybe she was just afraid of being fired, which, again if this was her post, she probably should be.

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H/T Conservative Tribune

Alex D.

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