The Media Is Hiding What Happened at Hillary’s Iowa Rally!

Trump held a massive rally in Florida this week when more than 12,000 Trump voters showed up and thousands were sent home due to capacity problems.

Apparently, many voters don’t believe that Hillary Clinton won the debate.

But did you see Hillary Clinton’s recent rally in Iowa? Only 600 people showed up. The media doesn’t want you to know this!:

Then, Hillary – perhaps the most divisive politician in the history of America – attacked Trump for ridiculous reasons. This is outrageous:

“It breaks my heart to see all the mean spirited, divisive, bigoted things that are being said in our country,” she said, placing her hand on her chest during a rally on Thursday afternoon.

Clinton opened up her rally proclaiming that she wanted her campaign to be “about something, not just against somebody” and tried to spark a positive tone in the rally.

“We can have our differences for heaven’s sakes, we’re Americans, that’s in our DNA,” she said, calling for everyone to “listen to one another” going forward.

Clinton warmly told the crowd long stories about her parents, but her attempt to signal a bright new future quickly turned nasty.

“He spends all of his time just dumping on America,” she said, referring to Trump.

She repeatedly attacked Trump, accusing him of hurting workers, and suggested that the billionaire hadn’t been paying any taxes.

There is no bigger lie than claiming Trump is “dumping on America.” Trump is the most pro-America candidate in recent memory, and is only attacking Democrats who have damaged our country and wrecked the economy.

He wants to “make America great again”… Because it’s hard work to clean up the mess that President Barack Obama has created over the last 8 years.

And want to talk about divisive? Hillary Clinton spent weeks claiming Trump has ties to racist groups such as the KKK, and ran ads about it – even though her own mentor was a KKK member. What could be more divisive than that?

Hillary Clinton is losing support and her campaign is imploding. The media is doing their best to cover it up.

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H/T The Political Insider

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