Man Pulls Gun On Cop

People need to learn that actions… All actions, have consequences…. Some good, some bad. If you don’t follow the officer’s commands and then try to run while pulling a gun… Then you are going to get shot. It is a stupid move and whoever pulls it, will pay the price.

Dramatic dash camera video shows the moments that a man pulled a gun on a police officer, and bizarrely, the officer just calmly disarmed him and placed him under arrest.

Watch the video below!

According to Mad World News, in Overland Park, Kansas, a police officer was approaching a vehicle that he had pulled over when the suspect drove off. The cop quickly got into his vehicle and began chasing the individual until things came to a screeching halt when the driver crashed his car. As the cop approached the driver for the second time, the bold thug pulled out a gun — but he quickly learned that he had made a big mistake in just five seconds.

Video footage shows the officer start fighting for his life, quickly grabbing the gun and subduing the suspect in a matter of minutes.

“He took control of the dangerous situation, did his job professionally and never let his emotions get the best of him,” Deputy Chief Happer said, according to Blue Lives Matter. “He arrested a dangerous armed individual without anyone getting seriously injured.”

The suspect was later identified as Bradley Poland, who has since been charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.


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