Linda Sarsour, One Of The International Women’s Day Protest Organizers, Was Arrested In NY

The Muslim activist Linda Sarsour was demonstrating in front of the Trump International Hotel in New York City. This is the reason she got arrested. According to some reports, she was told to move, but she refused to do that. The police escorted Sarsour away in handcuffs. Other demonstrators were arrested as well.

I’m more proud of a military woman on duty abroad – a female nurse that went to work today – a female police officer working that crowd – our First Lady – and – all other women that haven’t fallen victim to Liberal whiners!

Many of the organizers have been arrested in an act of civil disobedience. They also said, “We will not be silent”.

Linda Sarsour pictured below with her fellow feminists.

Linda Sarsour who is pro-Sharia law with ties to Hamas was arrested in NYC during the #ADayWithoutAWoman protest.

How stupid you must be to not realize the severity of the people leading this march. Do you know what happens to women under SHARIA LAW?

If you think you have it so bad here, please feel free to move to an Islamic country. You’ll be back so fast your head will spin.

Again if you are not going to follow what the police tell you to do then you deserve to be arrested.

They were told to stay out of the street by the police and they refused to follow orders. Even after they were told they would be arrested if they did not comply.

They are all smiling cause to them rules are a joke.

Look at the illiterate New Yorkers who marching with a woman who supports Sharia laws.

I guess they are too caught up too illiterate to know what Sharia law really is.

Alex D.

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One thought on “Linda Sarsour, One Of The International Women’s Day Protest Organizers, Was Arrested In NY

  • March 8, 2017 at 9:16 pm

    One heck of an ugly skank. she has been beaten many times for violating shitteria law


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