JUST IN: Video Emerges Of The Kennedy Assassination Leaving More Questions Than Answers

This new video calls into question the theory of the “lone gunman”

It was 60 years since the assassination of President John F Kennedy. A significant anniversary usually provides a chance to remember and reflect on past events – but, in the case of JFK’s death, interest has never really faltered. Almost immediately after those gunshots rang out on a sunny autumn day in Dallas, speculation over Kennedy’s death began, and it hasn’t stopped since.

We have a new video of the Kennedy assassination that leaves more questions than answers about the number of shots he received.

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

Video below:

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

That’s an exit wound. You can see a smaller mist on the back of his head where the bullet entered. I doubt this was one shooter, probably more like 2 maybe 3.

Internet sleuths had other ideas:

Besides this video and the evidence that it brought along there’s a new twist in the tale. Last week, after six decades of silence, a key witness revealed new information that casts further suspicion on the “official” account of JFK’s murder. In an account that also features in a forthcoming memoir, ex-secret service agent Paul Landis – who was detailed to Jackie Kennedy that day – said that he retrieved a bullet from the Kennedys’ limousine after JFK was shot and later left it on the former president’s stretcher at the hospital. It’s a seemingly tiny detail, but one that differs from the official version of events – in which the bullet was found on the stretcher of Governor John B Connally Jr, who was shot while riding in the president’s car – and further fuels the theory that the shooter Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone.

The fascination with JFK’s death is fed by different factors. “If you think of Kennedy, then he is the iconic president for most people,” says Peter Ling, Emeritus Head of American Studies at Nottingham University, and author of the biography John F Kennedy. “He was the first television president, and the young guy with the attractive wife and the nice kids.” For a future project, Ling has been reading a fraction of the nearly two million condolence letters sent to Jackie Kennedy following her husband’s death. The correspondence – kept in the John F Kennedy Library in Boston – comes from all over the world, and demonstrates the seismic impact JFK’s death had at the time.

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Bruce Hoenshell

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Dave Huff
6 months ago

Some of us have known this for years…..

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