Human Embryos “left over” Are Now Being Used To Create Jewelry

Trust me, folks, this is not going to be pretty when so many or all of these degenerates stand before a Holy God, the Creator God no one is going to think this ” stuff” is good then this is demonic in every sense. They have no idea that God has said in his word that every conceived human is known to him

According to Life Site News:

Human embryos “left over” from IVF fertilization are now being used to create jewelry, shocking and angering many.

The Australian company, Baby Bee Hummingbirds, is known for creating keepsakes out of things such as umbilical cords and breast-milk. The company’s founder, Amy McGlade said:

“I don’t believe there is any other business in the world that creates jewelry from human embryos, and I firmly believe that we are pioneering the way in this sacred art, and opening the possibilities to families around the world.”

She said the idea gives parents “the everlasting tangible keepsake of a loved one that you can have forever.”

A writer disturbed by this idea, Simcha Fischer responded to the company founder’s statement of “what a better way to celebrate your most treasured gift, your child, than through jewelry,” saying:

“Well, you could let him live, I suppose. You could allow him the basic dignity of spending time in the womb of his mother, to live or not, to grow or not, but at least to have a chance. You could celebrate the life of your child by giving him some small gift of warmth and softness, however brief, rather than letting him travel in an insulated pouch from lab to lab, frozen and sterile from beginning to end. You could conceive a child so as to give him life, and you could rise like a human should above the blind proliferation of biology.”

The concept of being “pro-life” or not pro-life is a difficult one to discuss.

This is ultimately the problem with this country today! Too many people that no longer care about morality and what is right.

No wonder we have the problems we have in government.

This company would not even consider this if they knew there wasn’t a market for it. Too Many Liberals!! Time to purge this country of the evil, selfish, greedy, self-serving, that claim they make up the majority of this country!

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Alex D.

Alex D.

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