Hillary Clinton ‘in talks’ to buy SECOND dirty dossier on Trump To end his ‘illegitimate presidency’

We have lived in a dictatorship of the bureaucracy for some time. Anyone that has taken the time to look knows this. The culprits in this are our elected officials who for years have given more and more power to the bureaucracy.

The culprits in this are our elected officials who for years have given more and more power to the bureaucracy.

Most of the regulations that we as citizens have to deal with in our everyday lives comes from these nameless and faceless bureaucrats.

For once we have a president that fights for the people but the Democrats are trying to stop him!

Edward Klein is the former editor in chief of the New York Times Magazine and the author of numerous bestsellers including his fourth book on the Clintons, Guilty as Sin, in 2016. His latest book is All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump was released on October 30, 2017
Hillary Clinton is in secret negotiations with Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous Russian dossier, to purchase a second report that allegedly contains salacious new charges against President Trump, according to several sources with personal knowledge of the transaction.
The talks with Steele, a former British spy, are being carried out by Hillary’s former campaign aides, who do not hide their bitterness over the shocking loss of the White House to Donald Trump, these sources say.
‘Hillary’s people have been secretly in touch with Steele and are close to making a deal with him on opposition research that he claims has newly surfaced from his Russian sources,’ says a longtime Clinton adviser.
‘Steele didn’t release this information before now because it wasn’t available to him when he put together his first dossier,’ the adviser continued.
As I reported in my new book, All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump, the first 35-page Steele dossier ‘contained sensational charges that the Russian Federal Security Service had ‘kompromat,’ or compromising information, on Trump that could be used to blackmail him.

If you don’t believe this is true, why do you think Hillary is still untouched, along with Barack Obama and others, all above the law because they are protected by the “other government”.

From Rush Limbaugh :

RUSH: Yesterday after the program for the next issue of the most widely read political newsletter in America, The Limbaugh Letter, I interviewed famed journalist Ed Klein. Ed Klein used to edit the New York Times Magazine. He has written 14 books. The guy has incredible sources. People talk to this guy that don’t talk to other people. The stuff that he publishes and writes is often attacked and criticized as nothing more than tabloid conspiracy stuff, but more often than not there’s a lot to it. And he told me something yesterday.

So I’m gonna give you a little heads-up, ’cause I was asking about him about how he works, how he gets his sources, how he gets them to open up to him, how he protects them. Has he ever had to burn any? This kind of thing. And he gave me a heads-up. And, you know, I’m thinking I’ve got a little bit of an exclusive to tell you, and I get up and I read the U.K. Daily Mail today, and here it is:

“Hillary Clinton is in ‘secret negotiations’ with ex-British spy Christopher Steele to buy SECOND ‘dirty dossier’ on Trump’s romantic englements [sic] with Russian women, claims. Clinton author Ed Klein, author of four books on the Clintons, claims Hillary’s minions are in secret talks” he told me this yesterday “with Russian dossier author Christopher Steele, in an attempt to end his ‘illegitimate presidency.’”

I asked Klein, “Why does she want to do this? Why does she care? Does she think that she’s gonna somehow be reinstated in the Oval Office? What is in this?” In his own words, he said, “She is so livid, it’s vengeance. There is no way she should have lost, and she wants Trump to suffer. She wants Trump to be miserable. She wants the truth that she thinks exists about Trump to come out. She wants Trump destroyed!”

That’s what Ed Klein told me is Hillary’s energizing and animating motivations. So we get this story that she’s trying to buy a second dossier. You know, she and her team bought the first dossier, they bought and paid for the first dossier that’s filled with BS. Now she’s out asking the guy to write another one! And apparently, it’s only purpose is to enter the public domain to end up humiliating and embarrassing Donald Trump to the point that he is destroyed or ruined.

This is who President Trump is really fighting, and they are on both sides of the fence.

It’s time we all speak out against this. Trump was elected by the people. Hillary and her group need to stop interfering in government and our lives.

What do you think?

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