HIDDEN CAM: Democrat Official Describes MASSIVE Voter Fraud Plans!

Project Veritas couldn’t have scripted a better video exposing voter fraud.  Meet Alan Schulkin. He’s the Democratic Election Commissioner for Manhattan. Notice the word “democrat?” Ok, good. Because it’s Democrats who tell us that none of this happens. And if you dare say it does, you’re a racist


“He gave out ID cards, de Blasio. That’s in lieu of a driver’s license, but you can use it for anything,” Commissioner Alan Schulkin said in the undercover video recorded by a muckraker for conservative nonprofit Project Veritas.3

“But they didn’t vet people to see who they really are. Anybody can go in there and say, ‘I am Joe Smith, I want an ID card,’ ” he said in the bombshell tape.

“It’s absurd. There is a lot of fraud. Not just voter fraud, all kinds of fraud . . . This is why I get more conservative as I get older.”

Commissioner Schulkin told the NY Post of the interviewer, “She was like a nuisance. I was just trying to placate her.” By literally confirming every concern people have about voter fraud? Okay, sure.

Sorry, Commissioner, you just got busted admitting your party (who you also admitted to having some disgust) is comprised of cheater-cheater pumpkin-eaters. And no, that’s not a slight to you #basic fall enthusiasts. Don’t get triggered, just drink your latte an dust off your Uggs.

This story is simply confirmation of our suspicions. The reason Democrats hide from voter ID laws is because they’re exploiting the lack of an ID to skirt laws2. So they can bus people around from poll to poll, voting like Weiner texts naked dick picks.

A lot. They’re voting a lot. More than once. But I think you got that point.

And let’s not get it twisted, the possibly of a rigged system nationwide would require a criminal enterprise on the level of Cobra vs. GI Joe. But with local races? Where all the important decisions are made? Yeah, this is an issue…

source www.louderwithcrowder.com

Alex D.

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