Sean Hannity Drops Bombshell About Trump’s White House

Fox News host Sean Hannity shocked everyone this weekend when he suggested that he doesn’t want Donald Trump to grant several major news outlets White House press credentials.

Politico reported that Hannity agreed with Twitter user J.R. McClaren, who tweeted that CNN, The New York Times, the Washington Post and other news outlets “shown to have colluded by @wikileaks” should not be given press credentials to the White House.

“Amen,” Hannity wrote about the tweet, which talked about WikiLeaks’s publication of hacked emails that showed reporters corresponding with people in the DNC and in Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Hannity railed against the mainstream media throughout the election for the way they treated Trump. He recently doubled down on CNN, which he has always said was in the tank for Clinton, going so far as to call CNN media reporter Brian Stelter “a [Fox News] stalker.” He initially criticized Stelter for calling the aftermath of the election a “national emergency” during a CNN segment.

H/T: Political Reviewer

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2 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Drops Bombshell About Trump’s White House

  • November 15, 2016 at 8:26 pm

    What do I need to do?

    • November 16, 2016 at 12:00 am

      Do every thing possible to help Trump do a good job and everything I can to get rid of the evil that plagues this nation. I was in the Navy to help keep communism out, you know how that went. But before that, WWII veterans fought a war against Nazis. I thought we won. But some greedy lowlife let a known Nazi get a foothold in America. I’m pissed. There was trouble in some crisis. What did he do. Played golf. He abused the taxpayers. Mrs. Obama (not calling names) trip to Paris. How many millions. Obama, golf game with tiger woods. $$$$.
      You know who I feel sorry for, the kids. One smokes pot, big deal. Has to cope somehow.
      Soros, that is a whole another story, Nazi. Ties with the stock market. Ties with the UN, NSA, ICC all the stocks around the world I knew he has many stocks 208 -+ $2,743 million in stocks. I saw the graph of his stocks, his name is right in the middle with all other stocks surrounding him. Arrogant. Wants what he calls a new world order with him in the middle. And leader. I blame the UN and ICC for not taking care of him. In never checked the Haige? Why have they never done anything. I saw and copied the petition for charges against Soros for the war crimes he committed. He laughed. He even brags about it.
      The corruption of the Democratic party starting with Bill Clinton. Soros has his strings on MOST of them. I am appalled at the corruption and how many damb liberals follow blindly Nazis. Neo Nazis., kkk. All the groups that Soros shells out money for the riots. They were ready for THE BITCH to win. Stepping on us peons. My dad and his family, myself and my family my siblings and their siblings and kids are all blue collar workers. She did not care. I have a cousin that livetrs in Cedar Rabies. She had her picture taken with Clinton. My cousin is ahead of something’s in her city. She is afraid that with a pre? Medical condition she won’t be looked after. I tried to tell her about clinton, she would not listen to me and my brother. She has Cerebral palsy. She is a sweet woman.
      I don’t know if this will do any good but here is a petition for Soros.

      When check for possible places where Soros could be hiding, Argentina, Brazil, I heard trips to Antarctica, a sex island in the Caribbean. British or some country. Kerry went to new Zealand but he does not seam the caring kind.
      I have been up many hours looking on the web for anything on Soros and what he is connected with. The big surprise was Warren Buffett. He’s in with Soros. Check Soros’s stocks. Wow. Might as well check buffetts and see if they might have the same stocks. I never checked. I am just 1 person working on a kindle tablet. Soros has stock in Amazon, eBay, HP, dell, Netflix, tmoble, time Warner, Viacom, CNN, nyt …………….
      Finally, I had an idea for a symbol for Donald Trump. He can use it if he wants.

      ? ForTrump.
      Thank you


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