FBI Finds Email Saying Lynch Would do Anything to Protect Hillary From Criminal Charges

Lynch, Holder, BHO, Clintons, Comey all need to be sent to Prison! They are the problem with this country. They should not get immunity from our laws just because they have their own secret club, in fact, they should serve not take everything from us, they are the worst kind of criminals and should be eliminated from the gene pool.

Calling it “one of the most significant headlines coming out of the hearing,” Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge reported that the hacked email contained assurances Lynch would make sure the FBI investigation of Clinton “didn’t go too far.” The document reportedly indicated that former DOJ hack Loretta Lynch would do everything she could to protect Hillary from prosecution.

Watch the video below!

“What we heard today for the first time were details about a document that related to Attorney General Loretta Lynch that had been obtained by Russian hackers, and that the document indicated that Lynch would do whatever it took to prevent criminal charges to be brought against Hillary Clinton in the email probe,” she said.

“In several of the questions referring to Loretta Lynch the FBI director said he couldn’t discuss it in an open unclassified setting,” Herridge said. “The FBI director said today he felt boxed in by Lynch and kind of a victim of circumstances. But that really didn’t wash with Republicans who were on the committee who felt that the FBI director did something extraordinary at the end of last year.”

No surprises here. The entire nation has known that this administration was corrupt and when the government heads are corrupt there is little that the common people can do. No one gives the police chief a ticket. Holder refuses to answer the subpoena from congress and then Obama says he doesn’t have to.


So, now what? Will the DOJ (not a congressional hearing) investigate the Clintons, Lynch, and Comey? I don’t understand why the DOJ hasn’t started this already? Is there a statute that can run out if they keep stalling? The American people need to know that no one is above the law, but every day we feel that they are.

Alex D.

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2 thoughts on “FBI Finds Email Saying Lynch Would do Anything to Protect Hillary From Criminal Charges

  • May 8, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    Tired of these people walking & getting away with crimes against the people & Treason!

  • June 17, 2017 at 4:50 pm

    arrest them who dont comply with subpoena and let the supreme courts deal with them…


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