Elizabeth Warren Advocated for the Nuclear Option in 2013

Back in 2013, Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.)  wanted to kill the filibuster and advocated for the ‘nuclear option’.  Elizabeth Warren is one of the Democrats supporting the ridiculous filibuster of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, saying that he is “way outside the mainstream.”

Warren spoke on the Senate floor in 2013 to castigate Republicans who opposed then-President Obama’s judicial nominations.


Watch the video below:

Elizabeth Warren: “The President has nominated 3 impressive people to fill those vacancies…these nominees are not ideological. They have extraordinary legal resumes and have received bipartisan support from top litigators from around the country.

I understand that the Republicans prefer to keep the D.C. circuit exactly as it is, but Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution says that the President of the United States nominates judges with the advice and consent of the Senate. There is no clause that says except when that President is a Democrat.

There are 3 vacancies in the D.C. Circuit Court of appeals. The President of the United States has nominated judges to fill those vacancies, that’s his job and it’s the job of the Senate to confirm highly qualified independent judges. That’s how our system works. That’s what the Constitution demands. Republicans these days don’t seem to like that. They keep looking for ways to keep the President from doing his job.

So far, they have shut down the government, they have filibustered people he has nominated to fill out his administration and they are now filibustering judges to block him from filling any of the vacancies with highly qualified people.

We need to call out these filibusters for what they are. Naked attempts to nullify the results of the last Presidential election, to force us to govern as if President Obama hadn’t won the 2012 election….

If Republicans continue to filibuster these highly qualified nominees for no reason, other than to nullify the President’s Constitutional authority, then Senators not only have the right to change the filibuster rules, Senators have a duty to change the filibuster rules.

We cannot turn our backs on the Constitution.”



What happens to people once they are elected? They forget why they were… They close their ears to the voices of those who thought they would bring back great things to our country and disgraced themselves instead… You did wrong Warren by taking the wrong road and got involved with the wrong people…. Too bad for USA.

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Alex D.

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One thought on “Elizabeth Warren Advocated for the Nuclear Option in 2013

  • April 8, 2017 at 12:41 am

    We keep hearing and reading about all these Obama people “facing legal problems” or “facing justice”. But it never seems to happen! When are all these traitors going to be truly held accountable for their actions? Or is it always going to just be Facebook filler and clickbait?


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