Dr. Keith Ablow Warns Hillary To SKIP Debate… “It’s Like Getting In The Ring With…”

The first of three planned 2016 presidential debates is scheduled to take place Monday evening, and it has been hyped as an event to rival the Super Bowl or some other world championship-level “battle royale” between bitter rivals.But at least one person has suggested that one of the two nominees not participate in the debates, as she stood to lose more than she might gain.


According to The Gateway Pundit, noted author and psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow recently appeared on the Fox Business Network and stated that Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton would be advised to skip the debate Monday, if only to prevent herself from being hurt by her Republican opponent Donald Trump.

Asked what he thought Clinton should be doing to prepare for the debate, Ablow shockingly declared, “How do I think she should prepare? I think she should say I’m going to hold three press conferences, I’m not doing the debates. Because it’s like the third rail. I don’t know that debating Donald Trump is something you can plan for great success with.”

“It’s like getting in the ring with Muhammad Ali,” he continued. “Because you got the rodeo clown and the skilled boxer in one person.”

“In a way if I would have been advising Hillary Clinton I would say listen, say that he’s a reality TV host that’s been beyond the pale and simply don’t debate … I think she could get hurt and hurt badly,” added Ablow.

Asked specifically how Clinton could get “hurt,” the doctor stated, “I think she could get hurt because Donald Trump says things that are true. He says things that are unfettered, the naked truth.”

Ablow proceeded to suggest that Trump could, at any point during the debate, place Clinton in a tough spot by asking pointed questions regarding the many allegations of corruption and lawlessness surrounding her, her State Department and her family foundation, tough questions for which she may have no suitable answers.

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