Donald Trump Exposes Huge Problem With Hillary That No One Else is Talking About

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton recently addressed union supporters with a videotaped message in which she infamously quipped, “why aren’t I 50 points ahead, you might ask?”Though there are a host of reasons why Clinton is not decisively defeating Republican rival Donald Trump in the polls, virtually all of them circle back to one major problem dragging Clinton down — herself.

According to a piece in the New York Post that was shared on social media by Trump, the main problem with Clinton’s appeal to voters is that it is seemingly all about “me, me, me.”

“Her campaign is all about her, and there is nothing about what she has done in her years in politics that has any concrete value for me,” explained 33-year-old Pennsylvania voter Nathan Nemick, a former supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders who is now backing Trump.

As to Clinton’s astonishingly angry query regarding why she wasn’t ahead in the polls by a significant margin, GOP strategist Brad Todd answered, “The reason is pretty simple: She has not identified any tangible benefits for the voters in her campaign message.”

Clinton “has made this campaign entirely about her and her accomplishments,” Todd continued, explaining that because of that focus, any bad news for her seems devastating while Trump is more able to shake off bad news.

While Clinton’s campaign has been focused on achieving the presidency for herself, Trump’s has seemed to be focused on the American people and what he can do to better their lives and the country in general.

“What she’s looking to sell isn’t very interesting to buyers, her strengths are tenacity and experience. And her novelty is being the first female (major party) presidential candidate,” said Curt Nichols, a political science professor at Baylor University. “Her skills and cache simply continue not to match well with what the electorate wants. There is nothing in the campaign for the voter.”

Conversely, Trump is all about the voters and bringing change to the stagnant and obviously increasingly corrupt status quo. People may not know exactly what sort of change Trump will usher in, but they are assured that it will be a change nonetheless, which is what most are looking for during this election cycle.

Should Clinton continue to appear to be focused largely on herself and her own achievements, compared to Trump’s appealing populist message, she will continue to struggle against Trump until Election Day.

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