Disgraceful! Obama Encourages Illegals To Vote On Live TV (video)

Disgraceful. Obama encourages illegals to vote on live TV. Now we know what Democrat opposition to voter ID was about.Earlier this campaign season, the Political Insider revealed a covert effort by the #NeverTrump movement to have illegal immigrants join “citizenship clinics,” which would allow them a pathway to become registered voters. However, since then they were unable to register all illegal immigrants, and now the president himself is encouraging them to vote on live TV!

How desperate are the Democrats? As the polls tighten and Hillary’s campaign lurches from one scandal to another, the president of the United States, making the rules up as he goes along, is urging non-citizens to vote.

Appearing on MiTu, a YouTube channel aimed at Latino millennials, Obama was asked by the host Gina Rodriguez if undocumented immigrants should be fearful of voting.

But rather than setting her straight and telling her that voting is a sacred right of citizens, and if you are an undocumented immigrant you are not a citizen, Obama actually encourages illegals to sneak into a booth somehow and vote.

Obama Tells Illegals to Vote, Voting Does Not Make You A Citizen Is He Urging Non-Citizens To Vote you can read the full article here https://www.usasupreme.com/disgraceful-obama-encourages-illegals-vote-live-tv-video/

Posted by USA Supreme on Sunday, November 6, 2016

Alex D.

Alex D.

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