The Democrtatic Party Forced Bernie Sanders To Drop Out Of The Race?

WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has accused Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of committing “extortion” by hyping fears over the possibility of a Republican victory to attract left-wing voters. Sanders supporters are waiting with bated breath for the next email dump from Julian Assange, the founder and editor in chief of Wikileaks. Because the DNC rules are suspended If Hillary Drops Out The Second Candidate With The Highest Number Of Delegates Gets The Nomination. He released hacked emails last month showing Democratic National Committee officials plotting to defeat Mrs. Clinton’s chief rival, Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders.Wikileaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange promised to release more damning emails about the Clinton Foundation, and warned he has enough evidence on Hillary Clinton making secret deals with an alleged Islamic State sponsor for the FBI to indict her.”We have more info, and we will publish everything when the time is right some of these materials can get Hillary Clinton to lose the nomination.Was Bernie Sanders Forced to drop out of the race?


John Pilger did an interview with Assange and is planning to use this material for his next documentary about Wikileaks founder! We going to report with every major info from this interview in the nex few days! You can read the first part of the interview in a link below!

Assange 1

Pilger: Julian, we cut you off earlier when you were talking about what you felt were the most important emails that you have released. Is there any last one that you would like to mention? Moreover, also, do you have any thoughts on Bernie Sanders? I mean what is your opinion why Bernie Sanders drop out of the race?

Assange: Look, I think—you know, we are aware how politics works in the United States. Whoever—whatever political party gets into government is going to merge with the bureaucracy pretty damn fast. It will be in a position where it has some levers in its hand. Also, Bernie Sanders was independent candidate trying to get the nomination trough the Democratic Party. So it is easy to see why he wasn’t the nominee from their ranks!

Assis not focusing entirely on Clinton however, urging anyone with information on Donald Trump to come forward!

“If anyone has any information on Donald Trump that is from inside the Republican Party, which is authentic, it’s not like some claimed witness statement but actually internal documentation, we’d be very happy to receive and publish it,”



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22 thoughts on “The Democrtatic Party Forced Bernie Sanders To Drop Out Of The Race?

  • September 4, 2016 at 12:02 pm


    Mr. Trump and his entire family have been threatened repeatedly to drop out. I am sure that every single candidate who gets the nomination from either party faces this kind of threat on a regular basis. It is more than a little disingenuous to report that Sanders dropping out was due to a threat when both nominees have faced similar threats and did not drop out.

    Beyond being a case of sour grapes such breathless reports literally dripping with conspiratorial undertones flies in the face of the facts. The number one fact is that Sanders did not come close to beating Hillary, let alone get anywhere near the number of votes Trump garnered during the primaries therefore rendering any suggestion that if he hadn’t been “threatened” he might have won to be a complete fraud. Second, is the curious fact that Sanders NEVER released his personal finances to the public which is hardly the actions of someone truly committed to the Presidency. And third, literally the day after he withdrew from the race he went right out and bought a very expensive summer house on the lake. If any conclusions can be drawn based on the facts rather than suspicions and innuendos, it is that Sanders stayed in the race until the Clinton campaign bought him off in the form of a new summer house…….

  • September 6, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    So, anyone here who thinks the primary was on the up and up, need only add the California primary results. Of the 8,548,301 votes cast, only 7,493,763 were actually counted. 1,054,538 votes are missing, 12.3%. Anyone who can add can figure that out, just that it is cleverly disguised across 6 parties and total 39 candidates on their ballots. The figures are directly from the California Secretary of State’s website. Not surprisingly he was a Clinton fundraiser.

  • September 8, 2016 at 9:46 pm

    ANYBODY who is in her way and tripping her plans is long gone dead dead. she has the means and her cronies. she has no conscious, she is fast with ordering to kill out of her way, the saudis liked her , because she is like them, they are fast not with their guns but with their beheading swords.saudis buy people , they pay Hillary very cheap. I came to the conclusion that Hillary is not smart, she is the smartest in lying.. she thinks when she plays her poor lies people believe her and feel sorry for her. what a devious evil . I don”t know what is she expecting, and how she will face her CREATOR. She entertained the American people all summer of 2016 Saga. I hope she will be locked up. it seems she threatened OBAMA that if she goes down , he is coming down with her . MMMM ,He better behave and stick by her.


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