Democrats Attack Melania After Seeing Her Glamorous Portrait

If the liberals would read this they should really feel ashamed of themselves. Liberals have found a new reason to go after our FLOTUS Melania Trump. This one is just as absurd as all the rest. After seeing a “gesture” she made inside the White House, offended left trolls are coming out of the woodwork to attack her. The left is so for. Doesn’t matter what she does they will be unhappy. They just need to get a life and start being productive instead of destructive.

On Monday the White House released the first official portrait of First Lady Melania Trump.  In the photograph, Trump wears a black jacket and stands in the executive mansion’s second-floor private residence, in front of one of the large lunette windows that have made the second floor’s East and West Sitting Halls a favorite of previous first ladies.

According to her White House biography, our First Lady Melania has been heavily involved in philanthropic work since marrying President Donald Trump in 2005.

She was Honorary Chairwoman for Martha Graham Dance Company in April 2005, is an active member of the Police Athletic League which honored her with Woman of The Year 2006, has been an Honorary Chairwoman for The Boy’s Club of New York for five consecutive years, and in 2005 The American Red Cross awarded her with Goodwill Ambassador which she has proudly served for four years.

In April of 2008, she was asked by Love Our Children USA and NASDAQ to participate in the Fifth Annual National Love Our Children Day and the beginning of National Child Abuse Prevention month by ringing the closing bell at NASDAQ.  In 2010, Melania was the Chairwoman for The American Heart Association which raised $1.7 Million for research.  Melania’s philanthropic interests represent her humanitarian side, and she remains an indefatigable and dedicated New Yorker.

According to Mad World News:

Instead of applauding her achievements, in just a matter of hours, the liberal media had already found something “wrong” with the seemingly flawless photograph of Melania taken in front of a window in the White House to accompany her biography.

The Boston Globe criticized the portrait on Tuesday, claiming it had received tons of negative feedback from “social media denizens” who were upset that the first lady had chosen to cross her arms in the snapshot, a move the outlet claimed no one who wanted to seem “friendly and approachable” would make.

Boston portrait photographer Ryuji Suzuki, of Beaupix Studio, immediately noticed the first lady’s crossed arms and distant gaze in the new portrait.

“There are different opinions about people crossing their arms in portraits,” he said. “If you do it right, you might add a powerful impression, but it often gives you distance. If you want to be friendly and approachable you probably wouldn’t pose like this.” [Source: Boston Globe]

Apparently, there is a correct way to cross your arms now, and Melania has completely failed at it, leaving one to wonder how, exactly, you “do it right.” Perhaps being a prominent Democrat satisfies the requirement.


Indeed, Melania is not the only one to cross her arms in an official White House portrait, but The Globe did not dedicate an entire article to picking apart Obama’s stance when his official portrait was released.

   Boston Globe writer Beth Teitell also took issue with Melania’s wedding ring in the picture. “You would think that she, or her handlers, although there aren’t that many, would look at the very prominent placement of this giant diamond ring, and you would think that would give them pause,” Teitell quoted author Kate Anderson Bower as saying.

This criticism of her is absolutely ridiculous!!! It is a beautiful photo of a very classy lady with an impressive resume. What was Michelle’s resume before becoming First Lady? It was very scant except for the fact that her law license was taken away…. Would love to know why she and her husband both lost their law licenses!?

Where was the outrage for Hillary’s portrait with her arms crossed? OH, it was OK then, Hillary was a Democrat. Republicans are not allowed to cross their arms, right? Are they even allowed to breath fresh air as far as the media and the Dems are concerned? Some need to get a life of their own and stop nitpicking over nothing.

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Alex D.

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5 thoughts on “Democrats Attack Melania After Seeing Her Glamorous Portrait

  • April 8, 2017 at 11:11 am

    never seen such jealous dem. cannot stand finally having a beautiful first lady ..michelle will NEVER compare too malania

  • April 8, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    I don’t know how she could have not been Miss America at some point. Such class, grace, brains and beauty.

  • April 9, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    What a beautiful and classy First Lady we now have. The past 8 years have been so ugly and masculine. It’s now just awesome to see Melania and know at Grace will ensue the White House!! So very proud of her and Donald as our First Couple!

  • April 12, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    She surely looks better than what bill Vinton would have looked as first gentleman or whatever we would have had to call him

  • August 27, 2017 at 10:13 pm

    Jealousy is an ugly animal, especially when it appears every time our First Family is in the news. Our First Lady is the most beautiful woman to ever grace the White House. She has it all: grace, beauty culture and, well you get it, everything that makes a First Lady just perfect. It is sad that the Democrates don’t pick on things that are not so apparently perfect.


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