The Democratic Base Is Growing Increasingly Frustrated With Obama’s Luxury Vacations

It looks like while Obama was president, he and his family have spent a staggering amount on vacations reaching higher than  $85 million.

Even though millions of Americans were struggling just to put food on the table, the Obamas spent our money to enjoy their lavish vacations!

The Obama’s spend the last 8 years giving nothing to the American people and spend a lot in return.

President Barack Obama’s vacation travel costs during his eight-year presidency have totaled more than $96 million.

But it seems that wasn’t enough so the former first family spends even more!

Well, it seems that has crossed the line even for his own party!

According to Democratic operatives contacted by Fox News, the Democratic base is furious with Barack Obama’s actions post office. for his endless and shameful tour of his millionaire and billionaire friends luxury homes.

Mainly for his endless and shameful tour of his millionaire and billionaire friends luxury homes.

“These trips are like the lifestyles of the rich and famous,” said Democratic strategist Pat Caddell before adding the obvious, “I think the Bernie Sanders wing of the party, when they see President Obama, whom they instinctively want to defend being the corporatist president, I think it makes the base uneasy.”

Ex-presidents, understandably and un-controversially, go on vacations immediately after leaving office. But the level of luxury the Obamas enjoy on their vacations is unprecedented for a modern-day president, say travel experts.

Obama was always a sham and everyone on our side knew he would sell out America and the American middle class to line his pockets.

“I think every time Obama opens his mouth, the fair question is: Which billionaire’s paradise island did he do it from? When is he going to do anything to help people other than enrich himself? How can he possibly be doing things? How do you do things from Marlon Brando’s island? It’s in stark contrast to Carter, Caddell said.

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Alex D.

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4 thoughts on “The Democratic Base Is Growing Increasingly Frustrated With Obama’s Luxury Vacations

  • June 28, 2017 at 4:14 pm

    I think people don’t care because they cannot relate. The middle and lower classes have been trained for decades to accept this level of financial abuse. When the paycheck shrinks they think it’s normal and accept it.
    They cannot control what goes on in Washington. The abuse goes on because it can.

  • June 28, 2017 at 7:17 pm

    So??????? what are they going to do about it? Nothing as usual.

  • June 29, 2017 at 3:28 am

    If the Obama’s want t spend overly large sums on vacations (someone is certainly taking them for a ride! – no pun intended); then they should do it in private. Let them enjoy their $$ while they can. There is no guarantee that their $$ will continue to last. God gives and God takes away. In His infinite wisdom and time.


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