Kellyanne Conway: Mainstream Media Are Guilty of Information Underload

People will look back and say Trump did a good job. Some people will say truthfully they supported the president. Some will say they maliciously preyed on every perceived weakness and failure in the hope of bullying the president a fellow human being to destruction. Which one will you be? Vultures and hyena are at the edges of the night? Or building the fire that will give people warmth and light? We all know which one is the mainstream media and Kellyanne Conway share similar opinion about the MSM!

Kellyanne Conway shared some shocking information that CNN has been hiding from the American public.  She explained that the mainstream media reports the same stories every day, all things they believe will hurt President Trump. But they never report on any of the good that he’s done.

Video below!

“He’s creating jobs, he’s doing all these things that don’t get covered,” Conway began. “They don’t get covered on the altar of, what you said, the ‘R’ word,”  said Kellyanne.

“I still don’t know what Russia has done,” responded Judge Jeanine.

“The mainstream media are making Americans suffer through information underload,” Conway explained. She mentioned such as an increase in jobs, trade, and the newly formed commission to stop opioid abuse.

“I mean they say the same thing. Show after show, day after day. I know people talk about ‘fake news’ and ‘biased media,’ but it’s not just unfair coverage. That’s one thing. It’s everything that doesn’t get covered. It’s the incomplete coverage.”


Counselor to The President, #KellyanneConway joined me on ‘Justice’. This interview is a must see– take a look!

Posted by Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday, April 1, 2017


Do you agree that the MSM is willfully hiding these stories from the public? What do you think? Share this if you agree with Conway!

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