CNN’s Dana Bash Drops A Truth Bomb Reveals The Truth About Barack, Michelle, And Harvey Weinstein

Looks like Hollywood is about to go down in flames! Hollywood and Hollywood’s celebrities have lost their glamour. As time passes by I am more certain that these Hollywood “celebrities” are nothing more than a bunch of overpaid loudmouths who have nothing intelligent to say but throwing constant attacks on conservatives.

It’s time for Americans to learn that anything out of Hollywood is make-believes; falsehood, and mind control. Powerful technique and perfected used by the lefts!!!

And how do we know that Hollywood is really on its way down?

Well, when even liberal CNN bash Hollywood and it’s supporters and we all know that hardcore supporters of liberal Hollywood were the Obamas!

Tuesday on CNN’s “Wolf,” network political correspondent Dana Bash asked where the Obamas were on condemning Harvey Weinstein over his growing sexual harassment scandal.

Bash said, “You broke the news about Hillary Clinton finally putting out a statement condemning his behavior and distancing herself. The question is whether or not she is going to help gather the $1.4 million that he, as what’s known has bundler, helped her campaign over the years.”

She added, “The other question is where are the Obamas? Where is Michelle Obama? Where is President Obama? He is and probably still is a big supporter of him and his political efforts. And just let’s just pretend the shoe was on the other foot and this was a Republican, somebody who is in Hollywood who is a Republican alleged to have done these things and gave to Republican presidents. Can you imagine the outrage if they weren’t condemning this behavior? I mean, it makes no sense at all that they are not coming out and saying something. Never mind the question of the donations.”

Obama was given a truly golden opportunity to bring us all together. Yet, he did nothing but divide and conquer. He set us back more than 50 years. Martin Luther King must be turning over in his grave at what Obama did.
He and his wife didn’t fail to bash President Trump everyday but they fail to

Alex D.

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