CNN and MSNBC Defy Hillary And Make THIS Surprising Admission

Hillary Clinton and her  minions are actively attempting to re-write history right in front of our faces. They are doing their utmost to spin the facts of the matter regarding the genesis of the birther,which absolved Andrew Breitbart from any connection to the birther movement or even the advance of the narrative, points out that every traditionally Progressive mainstream media outlet, “from Bloomberg News to MSNBC to Politico to the Washington Post and more, have all confirmed: Hillary Clinton’s failed 2008 campaign for president did substantially further the birther movement.”

Clinton’s attempt to frame Donald Trump with originating the birther movement may be the deception that broke the electorate’s back. When the mainstream media, almost in unison, begins to push back on her false-narrative, the tenacity of her message in the waning days of her political career may just turn out to be a distant whimper.

In fact, it did much more than that. Two individuals, one intimately connected to the 2008 Clinton ground game and one intimately connected to Hillary Clinton herself, served to concoct and advance the story into the media.

In 2011, Politico published an article by Ben Smith and Byron Tau that specifically detailed how the Clinton campaign was behind birther rumors spreading:

“If you haven’t been trolling the fever swamps of online conspiracy sites or opening those emails from Uncle Larry, you may well wonder: Where did this idea come from? Who started it? And is there a grain of truth there? The answer lies in Democratic, not Republican politics, and in the bitter, exhausting spring of 2008. At the time, the Democratic presidential primary was slipping away from Hillary Clinton and some of her most passionate supporters grasped for something, anything that would deal a final reversal to Barack Obama.”

Tau and Smith provided an excerpt from an “anonymous email” dispatched by “Clinton supporters” that pushed the theory. It read, in part, “Barack Obama’s mother was living in Kenya with his Arab-African father late in her pregnancy. She was not allowed to travel by plane then, so Barack Obama was born there and his mother then took him to Hawaii to register his birth.”

In addition to the anonymous email, The Atlantic reported in 2007 that longtime Clinton adviser Mark Penn initiated a memo that pushed the conspiracy theory. Penn, in the memo, advocated that Clinton targeted Obama’s “lack of American roots.” This was confirmed by then campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

And if that weren’t enough, former Washington, DC, McClatchy newspapers bureau chief James Asher directly confronted Clinton on Twitter about a story pitch by close Clinton friend and adviser Sidney Blumenthal, who personally pitching him the story on Obama’s birthplace back in the 2008 election:

“@HillaryClinton So why did your man #sidblumenthal spread the #obama birther rumor to me in 2008, asking us to investigate? Remember?”

Bloomberg’s John Heilemann – the co-author of the 2008 campaign book Game Change – and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough also confirmed, without hesitation, it was Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign and not Donald Trump that was behind mainstreaming the birther theories.

“For Hillary Clinton to come out and criticize anybody for spreading the rumors about Barack Obama when it all started with her and her campaign passing things around in the Democratic primary… it started with Hillary Clinton. And it was spread by the Clinton team.” Scarborough said.

And now Hillary Clinton thinks she can re-write recent political history right in front of our faces? She thinks we are so stupid that she can, once again, lie to us and we will simply eat it; simply take her word for it? Clinton has gone to the “manufactured” reality well one too many times.

Hillary Clinton has now lost the media… and that means she has lost the election.



Alex D.

Alex D.

Alex D is a conservative journalist, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. He brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. Exposing the truth is his ultimate goal, mixed with wit where it's appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn't be censored. Join him & let's spread the good word!

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